Sunday, July 22, 2012

Peace Out Dallas

I've got a new look going with the blog and I hate it. Stupid blogger seems to hate my guts today, and I have run out of patience with it. So this will have to do for now.

Dustin and I went to our friends Katie and Alex's wedding this weekend in Fort Worth. We had a great time, and on the way back I stopped by with Kendall and her boyfriend to chat with them at lunch. I had to wait until Ferguson could be picked up at the borders, so why not just have a BFF chat, right?

Here's how the conversation went...

Kendall: So, my brother can't go to Aspen anymore.
Taylor: No way! That stinks.
Kendall: Hey! Since you are off for the summer you should just come with me and my parents.
Taylor: To Aspen?
Kendall: Yah! It will be like when we used to go on trips together when we were younger.
Taylor: Ok, When do you leave?
Kendall: Tomorrow!

So I'm off to Aspen tomorrow morning! See you all Monday when I will finally get to update you with everything we have been doing.

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