Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

When Dustin and I first got married I was so excited to cook for him. I am by no means a great cook. I don't even know if I could say I was a good cook. I can follow a recipe though. I try to make things as new and different as I can so that we don't eat the same thing over and over. Pinterest has been a life saver!

My first week of official "housewife duties" I would post pictures on Facebook of the different meals I was cooking. I got a ton of feedback. Even when we see friends and family today they will make a comment of how much they loved my pictures. So I figured why not keep it going here on the blog? I can't promise how often it will be or how creative! We could all use a few new ideas for dinner though.

 I found this Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken  here. I was super excited because bacon and chicken are two of my favorite things. Also, anything that is done in a crock pot is the best. I put everything in the crock pot before I left, and Dustin turned it on when he left for work. The recipe calls for it to be cooked for 8 hours. It needs to be exactly 8 hours.We both ended up at work late and it cooked for 9. The edges were extremely dry, but the center was delicious. I used really thick bacon. I may try to find thinner pieces next time. The green beans were just cooked for a bit with some garlic. Super delicious. Dustin gave it an 8. 

These were originally going to start as Shredded Beef Tacos. When I looked in the pantry and I had grabbed Tostada Chips instead. They ended up being stale (of course); so by the end they turned out to be more like burritos with some tortillas I found. These were super delicious. Once again another crock pot recipe. These cooked for about 8 hours. They were delicious! We added lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. The recipe calls for 2.5lbs and I somehow ended up with 4lbs. So this is what we ate for three nights. I toasted some bread and added BBQ sauce one night. It was delicious! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan!

We had a fabulous weekend! Friday we had a quiet night at home in preparation for what was to come on Saturday.

In my very first blog post I wrote about mine and Dustin's niece being born. Well, Saturday we went and celebrated her 1st birthday! I cannot believe she is already a year. It has been so much fun to watch Morgan grow, and I can't believe how quickly the time is going. She is learning to walk and can already take a few steps at a time. She is not a performer though. In front of us she would only take a few steps, but once we left that night she was pretty much making laps. She loves to make noises and give sweet kisses. She isn't quite sure what she thinks of her Aunt Taylor and Uncle Dustin yet. We don't see her very often, so it takes her a bit to warm up. We eventually came to if her and I had a sink/table between us or someone was holding her next to me she was my best friend. Any closer and it was game over! I did get 4 kisses without even asking though! I can't wait to see her again.

 Dustin and I headed over to Mendy and Brent's house early Saturday and spent some time with his parents and Morgan before everyone came over. The house looked so cute! My mother-in-law has such an eye for creativity! It makes me super jealous of her. She and Mendy did a great job at putting everything together. The theme was Minnie Mouse and everything was pink and black which are two of my favorite colors. Once everyone got over we had cake and opened presents. Morgan wasn't quite sure what to do with her smash cake.

Dustin's parents stayed with the baby and we headed out for a night on the town. We love to go out with Mendy and Brent, and especially love to go out in Fort Worth. We had a great time!

Bring on the pictures!
 The kitchen set up for the party

 Morgan's chair ans smash cake
 This cake was SO good!
 Birthday girl!
 Morgan and PawPaw
 Mendy, Morgan, and Brent
 Uncle Dustin, Morgan, and Aunt Taylor
 Nana and Morgan
 Cruisin' in her new wheels!
 Morgan sitting in her chair we got her with her new sock monkey
 Trying to figure out what to do with this cake

 These two pictures crack me up!!! Morgan hanging out with her new laptop in her new chair
Mendy and I out in Fort Worth

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's Time!

Dustin and I got the chance to go to our first Rangers game of the season Monday night. I shared earlier this week how excited Dustin was about Opening Day. So when my friend Annie's parents couldn't use their tickets, we took the chance we could to see Yu Darvish pitch his first game.

Yu is the Japanese pitcher that the Rangers paid some BIG bucks to come play right here in Arlington, Texas. There was a ton of attention focused on him and a lot of high expectations. The Rangers were playing the Seattle Mariners who also have two players from Japan. So there were a ton of media that had come all the way from Japan. How awesome is that? Yu started out the first few innings a little rough, but I think he was just nervous. I have to say one of my favorite parts of the night was all the creative ways people were making signs, Facebook status, and tweets using "Yu."

This was my first time since Christmas to really use the new camera Dustin gave me. Well, at least the zoom, and let me tell ya, it works! I was super excited about how well it could zoom in on the players. Here are a few of my faves!

 Randy Rogers throwing the first pitch. This made me crave a Texas Country music, cowboy boots, and cute summer dresses.
 Yu Darvish 
 Josh Hamilton getting a hit!
 Rangers' dug out
Mitch Moreland 
 The man of the night, Yu Darvish
Ron Washington
Here's to a great season!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Morgan!

This post is incredibly late! But.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BABY GANNY! Otherwise known as Morgan!

Morgan is one of my very best friends and just recently moved here to the Dallas area. We met back in college. I happened to be living with her cousin, Mary Anne, and she was needing somewhere to live. I remember feeling completely awkward when Mary Anne told me she was moving in. Mary Anne didn't know all that much about her cousin besides the fact she was coming to stay. The first time I met her I was the only one home and had just gotten in from work. She was on the phone and quickly turned away when I tried to say  hello. She will tell you she was livid at the fact we had not mopped the floors in her room after Mary Anne's 21st birthday party. I will tell you we were pissed she was taking away our awesome party room. We quickly became fast friends though. Some would tell you that we were horribly obnoxious and connected at the hip. We did absolutely everything together which normally was sitting on the couches at home watching TV while we Facebook-ed each other. 

The best part of Morgan moving in? Her birthday is just three days after mine! The even better part? We were both turning 21 that year. What could be better than not only turning 21, but having someone to celebrate with? We were so excited that we hung a birthday sign up in the kitchen three months before our birthdays. 

Morgan moved back to New Mexico and we were able to stay the best of friends. We have tried to see each other each year during our birthday months and have been successful every year except two, but we saw each other in February then. She was in my wedding, and her moving here has been so much fun!

Morgan is one of the best friends you could ever have. She is always there when you need talk. She loves to have fun and says the funniest things that could make me laugh for days. She has a heart that is as big as all get out and cares so deeply for everyone around her.

Our birthday sign that got hung up in January when our birthdays are in March. Happy 21st!
 Texas Mardi Gras 2011
 Birthday visit 2010
 Birthday Visit 2009
Texas Mardi Gras 2010
 Probably our first picture taken together. Fall 2006
 Possibly the first Sig Ep party of many together? I won't remind you what night this was.
 Our pumpkin roommate Joy who somehow lived for like 6 months. We took her to parties and the movies. Seriously, we were THAT cool. RIP Joy! 
 Texas Mardi Gras 2009
 Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
Jammin' out to our favorite jam Fergalicious.
Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
 Morgan's mom and sister in town this past week for her birthday!
26th birthdays! March 2012. 

Little Baby Ganny and Tenderonni forever! Love you my heterosexual lifemate!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Kendall!

Happy Birthday Kendall!!

Kendall is my very best friend from the 4th grade!! If you have never met the two of us, you should know that we are the COMPLETE opposites. I think some might wonder how we have been friends for this long, but somehow we make it work. While I have just recently found my shopping addiction, Kendall has had it since the day she was born. She can be shy, but she loves to dance. Give her a good beat and you'll see every part of her start to shake. I'd tell you about the moment I knew she could move at an 8th grade dance, but I'm pretty sure she'd drive over here and kill me. While I will tell you my feelings and talk them out to death, Kendall likes to hold things in. I'll never forget in 5th grade when we were on a Girl Scout spend the night trip, I leaned over before we went to bed and told Kendall she was my best friend. Her response, "Thank you." I was convinced she hated me.

Kendall was my Maid of Honor. She did the most incredible job. I have to say with my "get it done" attitude and her attention to detail, I was worried at how this whole plan a wedding thing was going to work out. I could not have asked for a better Maid of Honor. She went to every appointment with me and planned the BEST bachelorette party.

Kendall is one of the most generous people I have ever met. She has such a kind heart and would do anything for her family and friends. Her loyalty is something I admire most about her. I know I could always count on her. Kendall is the strongest person I know, and I think I grow a little more from her advice. She hates birthdays and presents more than anything, so I better get to the pictures. I wish I had my old computer and could whip out some pics from waaaay back in the day!

 With our 3rd Musketeer and other best bud from the 4th grade, Rachel
 Spring 2011
 Rich O'Toole Concert
 Summer 2008
 Going to visit two of our best friends from high school, Lauren and Torri
 My birthday 2009
 High school friends aka "The YaYas" at my wedding
Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
 Going to watch the Mavs game
 Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
On our way to an Eli Young Concert 
 Kenny Chesney Concert
Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights Concert
 Prom 2004
Out for my 18th Birthday

I love you Main Amigo!!!! Happy Birthday!