Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: The 50 Shades Triology

Yup, I read it. Quickly, judge me or relate to me with my obsession of these books. While I know that pretty much every one knows what these books are I will give a quick little summary of the first one.

Ana is just about to graduate from college when her best friend, Kate ask her to go cover an interview for her with the most successful bachelor in town, Christian Grey. Ana finds herself very intimidated by Christian; while, he finds himself drawn to her somehow. Without going into too much detail, Christian and Ana find themselves entering into a dominant/submissive intimate relationship. 

If you liked Twilight and don't mind reading some naughty behavior, you will most likely like this trilogy. Seriously, subtract the vampires and add in some sex and you've got Fifty Shades. While E.L James seems very knowledgeable in the type of relationship that the two of them have her narration is very juvenile. I read each book in about a day. Taking out their submissive/dominant relationship and you would probably find this on the shelves in a YA section of a book store.

I, however, loved the books. I liked how strong, yet weak, Ana was. I could see nearly every girl in her. She was strong in knowing what she wanted and when to say no, but she also was just so in love with Christian she couldn't think straight. Their quick relationship was a little hard to believe, but I feel like it is like that in many books. I could go into so much more detail about the trilogy, but I'm afraid I'll ruin what happens. 

If you don't mind reading their intimate encounters, then you may enjoy the love story. It is a book that reaches every woman's dream. Ana changes Christian in just about every way. What woman hasn't tried to change a man? 

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