Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Ol' Concert Date

When Dustin and I first started dating, we used to go to Texas Country concerts all the time. Dustin has always been a huge fan of Texas Country music. I really didn't know much about it besides the main bands that all the sorority girls listened to. Dustin had a big job ahead of him when we got together. The first few months of us dating were going to concerts. Dustin would sing along with the band, while I stood there bored out of my mind because I had no idea who the band was or what they were singing. Eventually, I came around. Dustin's music became one of my favorites and going to concerts became our thing. When he was living in Dallas and then Fort Worth, you could always find us at a concert. After getting married and moving out to the suburbs we just don't get out to concerts like we used to.

A few weeks ago, we went to dinner and Dustin started talking, yet again, about this concert he wanted to go to. He had been dying to go, but couldn't fathom staying out for it and going to work the next morning. (Seriously, how old are we?) In the end, we decided that neither of us could remember the last show we had been to, so why not? With $50 to get in the door, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen coming on almost two hours after we thought, and an extremely crowded bar, we started to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Once we heard the music start up though we were all about it.

It's funny how quickly a concert could take me and Dustin back. The whole night just made me realize why I love him and why I fell in love with him. It was fun how quickly we got back into our "concert routine." The whole night I just wanted to snuggle up against my super cute husband and enjoy every second of the concert. I felt like I did 4 years ago when we first started going to concerts together.

 Not the greatest pic, but the only one we took
 Randy Roges and Wade Bowen
 Stoney LaRue was a surprise guest!

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  1. Love love love Randy Rogers!!! Texas country is great and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased.