Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toot My Own Horn!

      So I'm sort of tooting my own horn here! First off... when you are saying toot your own horn do you spell it "toot"? That makes me giggle. (See same immaturity as my students. That's why we get along. I still giggle any time anyone at school discusses what "duty" we are on.) Anyways... before I get to "tooting" I'd have to preface my "toot." (I'm really cracking myself up here.) But I have to preface it with, I know my views on this are a little bit different. Tons of people live together before marriage, and I have absolutely nothing against people that do. Most people I know that are married that are around my age lived together before. It is just something I haven't wanted to do. When Dustin and I first started dating, he at one time brought up living together just through casual conversation. Never really for me and him to live together, but just sort of what my views were. From the start I told him I didn't believe it. To me, what was the point in getting married if you were already living like a married couple. I always said if one of us moved to a different city and the other followed I could see living together then, but not when my parents live in the same city and I have the option to live with them. Throughout the past three years, Dustin and I have almost lived like a long distance couple. When he was living in Dallas, I would drive out from my parents in Coppell on Fridays, come back Saturday, and occasionally drive back out on Saturday night. When he was in Fort Worth and I was living with Jamie in Lewisville, I would spend the weekends at his apartment and occasionally I would see him on his way home from work during the week. Since moving in with my parents in August, we are strictly on a weekend basis. With coaching, teaching, wedding planning, and everything else, it seems like it is hard to fit in even seeing each other for the whole weekend. Weekdays I'm so exhausted by the time I get home, work out, and prepare for the next day I crash. I can't wait to FINALLY live with Dustin and go through all the "newly wed" stuff. I know it will be super hard. I know going from the weekend to 24/7 will be a huge change, but I'm ready for it. I'm ready to come home to him, and to even argue about our different living styles coming together. It is funny how lately we drop hints on how we like things done. A few weeks ago Dustin dropped a hint on clutter and picking it all up when it starts to get on his nerves, I dropped one on how I like to get laundry done all in one day instead of having a never ending process. Yes, I know I won't be able to keep up that one once we have kids.

       Lately though, it has been so hard. I am, of course, not living with him still before the wedding. Dustin is moving into our apartment next Friday. All of my stuff is going in then, but I'm not technically moving in until after we get back from the honeymoon. It is so hard though. To know all my stuff with be there, that he will be there in our home, and I'll still be at my parents. Not that living at my parents is bad, but I live a different lifestyle than my brothers, I'm busting at the seems in my old childhood room with all my stuff, and most of all I'm 25 it is just time! I'm at the point with the wedding planning that I'm just ready for the wedding to be here. I'm so ready to finally live with Dustin, call him my husband, and start our lives together. Only 52 more days until we get to live together!

     So back to the tooting (hehe) I'm just proud that after 3 years of dating and being engaged for 9 months that we haven't lived together. I'm excited that we waited to start that part of our lives after we were married!

      My that was quite the rant wasn't it? I don't even know if it makes sense. I think I might even avoid editing because it will just hurt my head. My apologies if it made no sense!

TOOT! (sorry had to do it one more time!)

6 days of school left!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest Happenings!

       Things have been super busy lately, but at the same time I couldn't really tell you what I've been up to. Dustin and I got an apartment out in The Colony that we are super excited about. Neither of us have ever lived with someone we dated, so we are waiting for this new adventure. Right now we pretty much only see each other on the weekends, so it will be quite the transition going to 24/7. Dustin is moving in in 2 weeks while I'm at my bachelorette party. (I lucked out don't ya think?) I'll move in once after the wedding. I think I'll probably take over nearly everything from my parents house and just live with a few clothes or come and go as I need. We are at 56 days until the wedding. I cannot wait to be married to my very best friend. I'm so anxiously waiting for the day to be here, and it can't happen quick enough. Although when I look at my "To Do" list I can't believe we only have 56 days left to do it.

    We are getting two weekends in a row in Fort Worth. Dustin used to live out near Fort Worth and we loved the lifestyle. Work wise it makes more sense to live in the mid-cities area. We definitely miss the life we had out there. Last weekend Dustin's parents came into town and we hung out at his sister and brother-in-law's house. We had a great day just cooking out and playing that bean bag game. I have no idea what it is called. Throw the beanbags into the hole? That night Dustin's parents babysat while we got to go out. Today, we are having our engagement pictures taken in downtown Fort Worth and the Stockyards. I'm super excited for it! I wanted to wait until it was warmer so we didn't look like we were freezing in our pictures. Tonight we are going to go out with our friend Katie and Alex hopefully.

Half marathon training is going great! I ran 6 miles last week and took off 9 minutes. Was supposed to 8 today, but couldn't get up and it was super humid so hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Appreciate Your Teachers!

     It is Teacher Appreciation Day, Week whatever you want to say. Personally, I think we should be appreciated every week, but that is just my opinion. Just kidding! Since starting this blog, I have become a 100% blog stalker! I have loved getting decorating and cooking ideas and catching up on peoples lives. One of the blogs I follow is The Crafting Chicks. It is a group of women who come together to pass around their crafting ideas. They had these Mini Oreo Apple Pops on their blog yesterday. I decided that I would appreciate the people that I teach with every day and make them the same thing. Mine of course don't look at professional, and I was going completely off memory when I was at the store today. This was more of a trial run, so I was pleased with the way they turned out for the first time.

Oreos - The Crafting Chicks used mini oreos. I got normal ones (oops!). If you go this way I would do the double stuff and stick a popsicle stick in them The toothpick wasn't strong enough to hold the entire oreo up.
Pretzel Sticks - I just took normal pretzels and broke them because I completely forgot to buy them.
Green Air Heads - It took me four places to find a place that sold them by the flavor. Everything else was a variety pack.  I finally went to a gas station.
Red Candy - I went to JoAnns in the candy area and they have tons of flavors that you can melt.

This was after breaking the pretzels and cutting the Air Heads. I used a steak knife to cut the candy and it was really hard. I'd recommend heating them up or using scissors like The Crafting Chicks said to do.

The melted candy. The stuff I got was super easy! I just put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it was ready to go.

So mine don't look near as good as theirs did, but hey I feel like it was a good first try! I learned to not put the pretzels and Air Heads in the oreo because it will break them and use the candy more like glue. Also, having something to dip them into the melted candy would be easier. When the toothpicks didn't work, we tried popsicle sticks, but since they weren't double filled it was hard to not break the cookie. We eventually just glopped it on with a spoon. Oh, the we include my brother Josh. He was a great helper once he realized we could eat as we made them!

If you're one of my teacher friends come find me tomorrow! I made 30 and I'm bringing them to say how much I appreciate you!

A Weekend of Firsts!

      I had a super relaxing weekend and it was much needed. I've been going and going so much lately that it seems like I can't catch a break. Friday night Jasmijn and I went and saw Water for Elephants. Ok so I have to explain once again how much of a total freak I am! I had started reading the book Water for Elephants the weekend before. Jasmijn and I had talked about going to see it, but I was so exhausted from TAKS testing that I completely forgot to really keep up with reading. Then Friday came, and I was on page 114 out of 330. Total freak out. Now I know most people probably would have said forget it and just went to see the movie. I can't. It literally pains me if I haven't finished the book yet. I know, pains me? I'm a freak I told you. A book freak especially. One of the greatest things for me is to read a book and then go and totally hate the movie.Why do I do this to myself? For the hope that maybe, just maybe, this one time they actually stayed closed to the book. Sometimes I am pleased. I know that it won't be the exact same. They have to hype up the story a bit for Hollywood and put some things on screen that are harder to get through with the books and vise versa. Most of the time I'm furious throughout the whole movie. Other times I'm amazed. A Time Travelers Wife... absolutely loved! It was of course a little different, but I thought pretty close. I loved Last Song (minus all the acting done by Miley Cyrus) this could be because Nicholas Sparks actually wrote the movie as well though. Other books I loved the movies for... A Walk to Remember, The Twilight movies, Harry Potter, Most Jodi Picoult movies, Little Women, and I'm sure there are a few more that I can't remember. Ones that I absolutely hate more than anything... Dear John, P.S I Love You (probably hate this one the most.... completely ruined the story in the movie) , My Sister's Keeper (were they serious with that ending?) The Lightening Thief, The Tale of Despereaux. I am sure I can think of a few others once I really get going.
       Anyways, back to the point of this.  I was bound and determined to get the book finished. I read and read every chance I could at school and even came home to lock myself in my room and finish. A few years ago Annie and I went to see the 6th Harry Potter movie. About a week before I hadn't read any of the books and got started right away. I couldn't finish, and was even still reading during the previews. Still didn't finish though. I wish you could have seen my shock when Dumbledore died at the end and I had no idea it was going to happen! So I have vowed to never do that again. I loved the book Water for Elephants. I thought it was intriguing. It was the same love story we have seen a thousand times, but was so much more interesting when you add the element of the circus in it. I thought it was enchanting and addicting. The movie was too. It was a little slow moving, and of course had parts that were changed, but I LOVED it!
        So why the "Firsts" title for this post? Saturday I actually got up and ran 6 miles! It totally motivated me for this whole half marathon thing. I felt so amazing and relieved during the run and after. I felt like I could do it. It was such a great feeling running. I also had my first bridal shower. My Aunt Rose and cousins Jocelyn and Celine threw it. It was a close group of friends, and I think went great. We had so much fun, playing games and the food was amazing. We got some really good stuff and I was so excited to finally get to see my dishes! Also, Dustin and I finally got an apartment! I am so excited. I had to give my first sacrifice though. Well, I say sacrifice, Dustin says compromise. The first apartment we looked at had a really small living area and kitchen. The bedrooms and bathrooms were big, and the closets.... the closet space was magical. It was everything I could have dreamed about. Two walk in closets and one closet that took up a whole wall. I was truly in love. The second apartment had a huge kitchen, living area, and a separate dining room area. Oh and a huge patio. The bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets were smaller. (significantly in the closet area) Dustin and I talked and I realized most of our time we are on the couch watching TV. So sadly, I gave up my beautiful closet space. I think I'm happier that I did though. The closet I get is still decent sized, and the apartment is on the corner and has a pretty good view with lots of windows. I cannot wait to actually live with Dustin and be with him all the time. I have not been able to sleep because I keep thinking of ways to decorate! Dustin moves both of our stuff in June 3rd (I'll be out of town.), but I won't move in until the wedding.

Wow... long post or what?  I don't have the pictures from the shower, but here is a cute one of my niece Morgan at the shower.