Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Steph!

Today marks the birth of another of my fabulous best friends. I recently talked about Steph in my last post when she got married in Albuquerque. In that post I told you how Steph and I met and how post-graduation we lived dorm room style in my childhood bedroom.

What I didn't tell you is how fantastic of a person she is. Steph and I are complete goof balls. We love crazy sunglasses, wigs, hats, peace signs, uncomfortable situations, saying the word Uranus, river trips, fanny packs, Batman capes, and, most of all, tie dye. While I will tell you she hated me the day I officially met her because of crazy college/boy drama, she will tell you she doesn't remember that crazy Halloween night. We bonded late one night with our partner in crime, Margaret, when we developed our alter egos. Margaret was Laquisha aka Quish, Steph was Zenon aka Z, and I was Rosario. I have no idea how any of this got started, but it is one of my best memories of college. This led to the three of us trying to become Red Hat Ladies, having our own soundtrack, having a memorial to Heath Ledger, and making a cake of cheese.

Steph has a kind, sensitive heart. She cares about her friends and family more than anything and is completely loyal. She is one of those friends that has a hard time giving up when someone may not return their loyalty because of how much she values each person in her life. Steph can make anyone smile and can send the most fab text messages that can have you rolling with laughter.

As I was looking for pictures to post, I really started to miss college and Steph; so, I got super carried away this time. Enjoy!

 Memorial Day Jam 2010 Tie Dye, Fanny Packs, and Sunglasses. What could be better?
 Steph's Graduation Party 2008
 Yellow Rose 2008
 Z, Quish, and Rosario attempting to become Red Hat Ladies on the Ranch Trip 2008
 Ski Trip 2009
 Our most favorite picture ever that we recreate every chance we get. My most favorite day at Chimy's 2008
 At Brooks and Amye's wedding 2012
 Getting ready to go ride bikes on the river in Austin for Steph's Bachelorette Party
 Celebrating the soon to be bride with Margaret in Austin
 Fort Worth Chimy's 2010
River Trip 2008 in our home made tie dye dresses! 
 River Trip 2008
Six Flags 2008 
 The night our alter egos began!
 Creeping behind two bugs at Chimy's 2008
Reboks with the Snaps! Margaret, Steph, and I at my wedding 
Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
Copyright Erica Joyce Photography 
 Brooke, Steph and me
 Margaret, Steph and me
Happy Birthday to my Little Spoon! I love you!

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