Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Classroom

For the past 4 years, I have slowly put my classroom together. My first year I slapped a few posters on the wall and figured it was ok. I hated it. It was hideously ugly. My second year I actually put some thought into it, but I still felt like it wasn't screaming "me" or "reading." Last year I finally concentrated mainly on my room. I loved it! This year a few things have changed but not much. So here it is.... my classroom.
This is actually a picture from last year. This area now is our 5 Day Late Rule. Kids can see when assignments were late and what they haven't turned in.

 Once again a picture from last year, the back of this is green now.
 The agenda  and homework. I love this area. The color just pops so much.
 This has a few more popcorn signs now, but this is books that are written for teens that have movies too.
 Pillows I tie-dyed and Sprague made.
 This picture got messed up, but this is two of the three built in book cases in my room.
 Class folders for each period.
 Reading area.
 This is from last year. Notice the board says Roden. This is two of the bookshelves I have. The books are arranged by genre.
 Other side of the reading area. The red bin has blankets for reader's workshop in it.
 My area. It takes up a lot of room sometimes, but I have a place for everything. I tie dyed those curtains myself!
 My box with my new name! I moved up in the alphabet though and I can't ever find my box.
 Where I can let the kiddos know what I'm reading. This book was actually on Oprah's list, and is a very slow read.
 Two of my kiddos from this year made me this Longhorn sign once they found out I loved Tech. They asked me to put it on my wall. So I did. Upside down.
 My "Me" wall. The Cream Puffs poster is a project from two years ago that I can't get off the wall. Luckily, the student who made it was one I really enjoyed as well as her class. So it always makes me think of those kids.
 Many of the people who are most important to me. Notice the Steak'n'Shake tray.
 The wedding frame Sonya got me (no picture yet) and the Mrs. Potato head Sprague gave me to think about her in Idaho.I miss you two so much!
 My new sign! I keep forgetting though and won't answer right away all the time. A lot of them have started calling me Coach Kiss which seems to be catching on rather quickly.

I started trying to change all my books over to Hotchkiss. I got this far into my library before I realized it wasn't that fun. Whoever is my first detention will be changing my name over. 

I just realized I never got pictures of the whole room or from the entry. Maybe another time.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ode to the Erwins

We had a wonderful weekend. Dustin and I went to Houston with my parents and stayed at my grandparents house. Going to their house is probably my most favorite place on earth. It is just peaceful. Whether the whole family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) or it's just us I always feel like I can relax. We never feel like we HAVE to do something, and my grandparents love to sit around and just catch up or as they call it "fartin' around." Our real reason for heading out there was for the Erwin baby shower. Dustin's best friend Adam and his wife Christie are expecting their first baby, Bryce, at the end of September They are such great friends of ours that I figured I'd dedicate this post to them. I somehow managed to get away without taking pictures this weekend of us; so I'm using old ones.

Dustin and Adam are the definition of bro-mance. They met through Dustin's brother-in-law, Brent. To be honest, I think it was love at first sight. They are both literally obsessed with Texas Country Music, being in a band, the Rangers, and their colleges (Tech and OU).  They lived together for a year in Dallas which is when I came along. I pretty much had two boyfriends.
                                              Dustin and Adam at Texas Mardi Gras 2009
Dustin and Adam at a Cory Morrow Concert 2010

Adam and Dustin also are the two star members of the Chase Roberts Band. While they whole band has never played together, they do play guitar and write songs. This weekend they even took band pictures. I think my favorite part about the two of them is how much Adam can pull out of Dustin's personality. Dustin can sometimes be quiet and a bit shy. Especially if it comes to making himself look like a fool in public. While anything I do out of the ordinary normally causes Dustin to walk away or ask me if I forgot my helmet at home, Adam always somehow gets Dustin out of his shell and have fun.

My other favorite part about Adam.... He's always included me. It is always scary being "the girlfriend" that comes into a bro-mance. I have always felt like Adam was my friend too. I never felt like I was being 3rd wheel or that he was. He probably invited me over more then Dustin did when we first started dating. In Adam's best man speech at the wedding, I completely expected the speech to be more about their friendship and stories they had. Adam did such a great job at making the speech about us (and when I say us, I mean the 3 of us). He even gave me his half of the best friend necklace that him and Dustin jokingly have.

Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
Copyright Erica Joyce Photograhy

A few years ago Adam told us about Christie. I have to say I was skeptical at first. He had been such a single guy in Dallas that knowing he had found someone in Houston had me completely shocked. Adam and Christie are very different and I was curious to see how this was going to work. After being around them I got it. Christie lets Adam be Adam. She loves him for the goofy, outgoing person he is. She has a kind heart and even encourages the Chase Roberts Band more than I do. While we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together, I have loved every moment we have had. I felt a little weird going this weekend because I knew we really weren't going to know anyone at the shower. When Christie walked in the door, she gave us the biggest smile. It made me feel so comfortable to be there. My favorite thing about Christie.... I think her and I have a "look" down. Whenever Dustin and Adam start off in their crazy ways we can just look at each other and know "here they go again."

                                             At a Cory Morrow Concert for Adam's Birthday
                                                  Copyright Erica Joyce Photography

Adam and Christie, I am so excited for Baby Bryce to be here. You two are going to make wonderful parents. I can't wait to hold him. Thank you for being such good friends to us.

Another quick little picture from this weekend. My grandmother's window broke. It was stuck down and wouldn't go back up. My Pop decided to fix it and my dad decorated it. I found it hilarious.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Epitome of Lazy

Dustin and I were the epitome of lazy this weekend. Especially, today. It wasn't even that we had nothing to do because we did. We were just little hermits and I absolutely loved it! Friday night we went to eat at Fuzzys. We really keep trying to make the one near us our "hangout," but it is too much in suburbia to be a place to hangout for happy hour. Then we went to see Horrible Bosses which was hilarious! We really enjoyed it. We went to Studio Movie Grill which is Dustin's favorite. Yesterday we enjoyed the cool weather in the morning by drinking coffee out on the balcony. I did poetry research and planned for school. We have been back for two days, but I've hardly had a chance in my room with all the meetings and training we had. Last night we were supposed to go meet with our friends the Shumakes and Dinsmores, but we were so tired and it was about a 45 minute drive. Instead, we cooked steaks and shrimp and made some mashed potatoes. Yum! Then we hung out with Kendall up at Centro and caught up. Today, ABSOLUTE LAZINESS! I mean it was bad. We sat and did NOTHING all day. A bit ago I did the dishes and folded laundry just to say I had done something today.

I know most of you all that read this (if there is anyone out there) follow me on Facebook and saw all the wedding pictures. I thought I would still post a few of our favorites on here. I went a little crazy with the few part, but it was hard to pick.I have to apologize because they are a little out of order.  
 My dress hanging at my parents house on the front door.
 The wizard behind the curtain. My mama who did absolutely everything for this wedding. She was wonderful.
 Mrs. Hotchkiss hanger my dress was hung on
Bridesmaids watching our first look 
 Having our first look. I was so thankful to have this time with Dustin. It calmed my nerves and just let us have a time by ourselves. After this we were with people until about 3am.
 Nine of the most beautiful, wonderful best friends.
Sweet Easton  (Sprague's son). I love this kiddo and miss him and his baby brudder tons.
 Caroline and John Joseph. They were wonderful and a huge hit at the reception
 Dustin's best friends. He very rarely sees his friends and to have all them in one city was a huge deal for him. I love Easton's glasses in this picture.
 Just me and my daddy
 I loved that Logan and Luke were our alter servers. I have known these boys since they were in diapers. Even changed some of them.
 Our wonderful parents that made the day so special.
 Attempting to get a bite to eat
 My other flower girl that has the most precious smile. How I love her.
 4/5 of our Wrecking Crew. Let me tell you how much this group loves Texas Tech. It is ridiculous.
 I absolutely love this picture.
 Straight Ballin' of course
 Felt so special to have my Theta sisters that mean the world to me there.
 A little Texas Tech Fight Song action
 Our friends Jerry and Carolyn started this dance tunnel. When I turned and saw Dustin coming out of it I just about lost it. He looked so cute.
 Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss
 Dustin's Cake. Texas Tech ice chest with real Miller Lite bottles
Walking out to the RAIDER! POWER!.

We had so much fun at the wedding, and can't thank our friends and family being there for us!