Sunday, July 31, 2011


For our honeymoon we went to the Rivera Maya in the Cancun area. The restort we went to was one of those all inclusive places, and it was amazing. Dustin and I had never been to one of these kinds of places before, so we have nothing to compare it too. I think it would be hard to get better than this though.

We started the trip out incredibly exhausted. When we had gotten back to the room after the reception we realized my bag that was supposed to be put in the room wasn't. While this normally wouldn't have been a huge deal, it had my purse which also had my passport. Kind of important when going to another country. We started calling everyone we could, but with all the last minute partying no one was answering their phones. We finally found the bag but then I realized I had to run all this stuff to my parents' room because I wasn't going to see them the next morning. Needless to say, we went to bed about 3am. I woke up at about 4:15 and Dustin around 5:15. We were exhausted! I see now why people wait a day after their wedding. It was almost a waste of a day, but I think we were both glad to finally be relaxing.

                                        Waiting at the airport. Our flight was delayed by like an hour.

The trip was so much fun. Our schedule was basically sleeping until about 10-11. Going to get a late breakfast at one of the restaurants or getting room service, heading down to the beach or one of the pools until about 4, getting room service to bring us a lunch to share, taking a 2 hour nap, head to dinner, and then go to a show or hang out in the main square area, when it go too hot we headed to the sports bar to play games. It was so nice just to relax and hangout with Dustin. Things had been so crazy the past couple weeks that it was nice just to be "us" again.

The view from our room.
 Our bed set up with cute swans when we first showed up.
 First night of our honeymoon. Ended the night with a beach walk at sunset.

A funny story. One night Dustin and I decided to fill up the jacuzzi in our room. We couldn't find any bubble bath so I filled it with a whole bottle of travel size body wash and about half of my Dove bottle. The water wasn't coming out fast enough so I stupidely turned on the jets thinking that would help. That was a huge mistake! All of a sudden bubbles start going everywhere. I'm talking like flying out 5 feet in every direction. It was a huge mess. The tub had about 5 inches of water and 10 of bubbles. It was hilarious. Dustin and I could not stop laughing. There were bubbles everywhere.
Every night there were shows. We tried the broadway one, and ended up walking out. We basically stared at an empty stage with smoke going everywhere so the dancers could change. We loved the Michael Jackson show and thought the Mayan was absolutely incredible! The dinners were super good. We couldn't get over how great the food was. The Japanese was our favorite, and Dustin even got to try sushi for the first time.
Broadway show
 Michael Jackson show
 Mayan Show
The sport bar quickly became our nightly hangout. It had AC blowing really hard. It seemed like our room could never get cold enough and it was just so humid. We really lucked out on the weather. It was about 85-87 degrees the entire time, but it was super humid. We went to the sports bar to hope to catch the score of the Rangers games as it scrolled on sports center. They had a lot of board games to play, and the best part... midnight snack! Quesadillas, guacamole, chips, club sandwiches, the whole works! It was delicious!

The honeymoon was so much fun. I just loved spending a trip like that with Dustin. It was so nice to relax and just enjoy each other. We can't wait to go back!

On the shuttle to the airport.

Our plane was delayed about 2 hours so we passed the time with these babies at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Big Day!

So I have tried to post this three times. Fourth time is a charm right? I'll explain all the mishaps we had after the honeymoon later. Scratch that.... just typed about 3 paragraphs and hit a button that deleted it up to this point.... grr

ANYWAYS, the wedding week was extremely hectic, but a lot of fun. My mom had been really worried I was going to crash and burn before the wedding even came, but I held strong. Wednesday was a lot of last minute errands. My mom was running around DFW dropping things off and picking them up. I was picking up last minute things for the honeymoon and finishing packing my last bit of stuff. Morgan was going to be staying over that night so I needed to get my room ready. My mom's cousins threw the most beautiful tea for me that included all the women on my Nana's side of the family. It was so beautiful. They had made all the decorations and even the toilet paper had brides and grooms printed on them. This was also a recipe tea, so everyone brought their funny cooking stories and some great recipes for me to use.

My mom and I came home to a very big surprise. A new AC unit being put it! As we had left the house earlier, I had told my mom that something was wrong and it was too hot in the house. My dad came home after we had left and completely agreed. He got really worried because so many family members were coming over the next night that he called all around until he found someone that would fix it right then. However, my mom and I didn't know all this was going on. As we pulled up into the driveway all we see is a guy with a pick up truck and our AC unit being dragged to it. A few years ago, some friends of mine and Dustin's had their AC unit stolen. It was 9:30 at night which means I had a bit of a freak out until I realized what was going on. Good ol' daddio saved the day though! He was up until 3am when they left, but we finally had air!

Thursday, Morgan and I ran around doing last minute things. I have to say the girl was a saint. She totally put up with me "don't forget that I need to this, can you respond to this, remind me of this later." We brought a last car load of stuff to the apartment and started to pack for the honeymoon. Only problem? I forgot a suitcase. So we quickly threw everything into shopping bags. Next, was taking Ferguson to the boarding place. He was staying there until Monday when my parents could pick him up. It is always so embarrassing to take him because he loves that place. He immediately goes crazy and starts trying to run to the back door to play with the other dogs. I was really sad though because this was the longest I had ever left him before. The rest of the day was running errands except that I forgot to go pick up my wedding dress. Who forgets to pick up their own wedding dress?!

Thursday night was the Sip and See at the house. It was so much fun. I had been really hesitant to do this. "Hey, come look at all the cool stuff you gave me?" It really wasn't like that at all. Since we couldn't invite all our family to the rehearsal, because it would have just been too big, we did this instead. All my family that had come from out of town, and a few in town ones all came to hangout. My parents made dinner and it was a lot of fun to catch up with people. Looking back I really appreciated the moment. At the wedding, I hardly got to speak to any of the out of town people, and this gave us a chance to chat with everyone that we rarely get to see. We even had a few friends come by. Morgan, Rachel, and Kendall were there and Dustin's best man Adam came too. Rachel and Morgan stayed over that night, and I finally finished packing for the honeymoon.

Friday morning was the bridal luncheon we threw for all the ladies that were a part of the wedding. 8 out of the 9 bridesmaids and 3 readers were able to make it, and my cutie little flower girls were there too. It was a great turn out and the food was amazing. Here is where my cousin Daniela was  saint. We got to Neimans and realized I had forgotten the most important part of their luncheon gifts. She went all the way back to Coppell for them! Thanks DaiDai! It was fun to sit there with my best friends and just get to laugh and catch up. I loved getting to just enjoy them before all the craziness began. Next on the agenda, Harry Potter! Rachel had been wanting to see the movie so bad, and I figured what better way to get my mind off everything. Annie, Steph, DaiDai, Rachel and I all went to see it. It was a great movie, and Rachel bawled like a baby through the whole thing.

*Side note funny story from when we left. Steph and I stop at the gas station near Grapevine Mills to fill up my car. What happens? Oh I step in weed. That's right. Marijuana. I get back in the car and take off my heels because they were killing me. We had gone straight form the luncheon to the movie, and I hadn't been able to change. I look at the bottom of my shoe and start complaining to Steph that I stepped in dog crap with my new shoes! I don't know what possessed me to smell the shoe, but I did. Not dog crap. Weed. Who does that!? I was terrified driving home of getting pulled over. Who is going to believe that I stepped in weed, but I decided to go see Harry Potter in a cocktail dress and heels?*

Friday night was the rehearsal. I have to say this where I got stressed for the first time. Everyone was there and didn't really know what they were doing. Most of the people were not Catholic so they were really lost. The teacher in me was getting frustrated with talking, but the bride in me was wanting to catch up. This was when it really started to all hit me, but not completely yet. The rehearsal dinner was beautiful. Dustin's mom and her sisters had decorated the room, and it looked amazing! The food was great, and having everyone that was a part of our special day in one room was a blessing. After dinner, Rachel and Kendall came over for a bit where we ran around singing "I'm getting married in the morning. Ding Dong the bells are going to chime... So get me to the church on time!!" from My Fair Lady.

So the big day!! I know all this, and I'm just now getting to the wedding. Saturday morning I woke up around 8 or 9 and got some coffee. I was getting all these congrats texts and especially "don't forget to eat today" text. I found this humorous seeing as I was reading these, I was chomping down on donuts. DaiDai's best friend does make up and had said she would do mine and the bridesmaids for the wedding. She set up in my parents' bathroom and that is where we were camped out for the day. Literally. DaiDai and Rachel even camped out in the bath tub rapped up in blankets. Throughout the day, girls came and went as they had their hair done by Kriz down the street and have their make up done. By 4, all 9 bridesmaids, make up girl, bride, mother of the bride, and 2 photographers were all crammed in there. We took pictures of me getting into my dress at the house to save on time. By 5, we were headed to the church. All the girls went into the bride's room to wait for the First Look. So far, I really hadn't had any big freak out or anything. I think at this point it hadn't really hit. I knew I was getting married, I felt like I was, but it just hadn't hit yet. Erica, the photographer, finally came and said they were getting Dustin set up in the prayer garden for the first look. In case, you've never heard of one, Dustin and I decided to see each other before the wedding. Just a special moment with the two of us before it all started. All the girls wanted a good view of the first look so they went out into the hallway to the window. This is when I had my big freak. All of a sudden I look around the once packed room, and realize it is just my mom, Kriz, and me. I FREAKED. This was probably the first time in about 4 days I had been this alone, and it hit me. I was getting married! I just became overwhelemed with excitement and nerves and started to shake. I think I even may of said "Those bitches just left me in here!" (my apologies dear friends) I was just so excited to have this moment with him, get our lives started, and go to Mexico! The first look was so incredible, and I'm so glad that we did. Dustin's back was to me, and I was walking out to him. My mom and I had a brief moment.She was trying to set up my dress before I walked to him, but I thought she was trying to come out there with me. By the time I reached him, I was shaking uncontrollably. In fact, when we held hands his first words were, "why are you shaking? you haven't been drinking have you?" I loved this special moment with Dustin. We were able to share it with each other and be "us" for a bit. After were bridal party pictures. We didn't take too many because it was unbelievably hot. The ceremony was beautiful. A few little hiccups, Msgr. forgetting my name, getting a little mixed up about the order of things, had to remind Dustin to repeat the vows, and I couldn't make my voice loud enough for the vows because I was so excited that a little squeak came out.

The reception WAS A BLAST! While planning, I had just kept telling my mom, DJ, wedding planner, and photographers that I just wanted to be able to enjoy the night. Boy, did we! After eating we walked around and talked to people. I'd say we made it to about 80% of our guests which I feel like is pretty good considering how many people were there. My dad gave a great speech and even included the Rangers in it for Dustin. Kendall and Adam did a great job at their Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches. I was so proud of Kendall. In fact, that was the first time I cried all day! Kendall hates being emotional, and she hates public speaking even more. She had been so nervous, but did such a great job! Her speech was beautiful. I think after all the speech, cake, first dance formalities I never left the dance floor. The 80s neon glasses and glow stick neclaces were a hit! I think I was dancing in the dark room with my shades on all night. Even Dustin was out on the dance floor for a good part of the night which really surprised me. He is never much of a dance. Really ever. He was out there busting a move even went through the little dance tunnel that we had. My three best moments from the reception:
1. When we walked in the DJ said he wanted the hotel to get a noise complaint because we were so loud. Normally when people say this it is sort of loud. Dustin and I opened the doors when we were announced and a wall of noise hit us. It was deafening loud. I think this is what got the reception started on such a high note.
2. The fact that they Sig Ep boys let us girls partake in their Drink Beer song. Especially, my Theta girls who hungout with them so long in college and probably know the words better than they do.
3. When we left! We had everyone line up to the elevator since we were staying in the hotel. As we were walking we could hear they were yelling something back and forth and figured it was Dustin! Taylor! turns out they were yelling RAIDER! POWER! Let me tell you. IT. WAS. AWESOME! It was so loud. Dustin and I even know which friends are probably responsible for it and we thank you! Even when we got up on the elevator you could still hear it. Supposedly it went on for a good amount of time afterwards.

Dustin and I had the most incredible wedding. We were so blessed to have so many that love us and support us in the same room. It truly was the most special night, and we still talk and laugh about things that happen.

This post in entirely way to long. I apologize. I'll save the honeymoon and life since the wedding for another post. Maybe later today if I get bored enough. Sorry no pictures yet! I'm still collecting from different people and waiting on the photographers.

Like the new title by the way?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeling a Little Crazy

Two posts in one night? I know! I'm on fire! I just can't sleep. 5 days!

Mom, don't kill me if you're reading this. It's midnight. My mom has been trying to watch my sleeping all summer. I am a stresser. Self made stress 90% of the time. I am not a procrastinator; so I am normally pretty productive. However, the second the lights and TV are out and it's just me and the ol' thinker the lights in my head are blazing. I just have trouble shutting down my mind and I can't sleep. Then normally, something will wake me up, and I'm thinking again the second my eyes open and not going back to sleep. Me + Exhaustion = Sick. All my life, before something big happens I stress, don't sleep, and get sick. On the way to move me to Tech, I threw up the whole way there and had a fever that night in the hotel.

So, anyway, I am sitting here with my never ending thinking mind, picturing everything that I am just beyond excited about once basically tomorrow starts. Now I know most of you don't care, but I'm listing what I'm super excited about.... (I cannot promise this list will in any way be interesting)

  • Packing for the honeymoon tomorrow! I will probably completely over pack, but that's normal right!
  • Tuesday - getting my hair cut and doing one last practice run with it.
  • Wednesday - Morgan will be here! and my mom's cousins are throwing me a shower. I am really excited to see everyone.  Oh and getting our nails done!
  • Thursday - All my family will be in town and we are having a Sip and See at the house. Since, we won't get to catch up much at the wedding we figured we could have a little something at the house to catch up. I am so excited to see everyone. It will be mostly family, but a few friends. Rachel will be in town and the person I am most excited to see.... STEFANIE SPRAGUE! I mentioned her in a few posts before. My best friend at school and the fact that I haven't seen her since school ended is just killing me! I cannot wait to see her, but I'm sort of scared because when we say bye this time we won't know when I'll see her next.
  • Friday - we are doing a bridal luncheon at Neimans in the restaurant for all the women who have a part in the wedding. I cannot wait to give the girls a little something that we have been working on. Then, if we can get tickets, we are headed to see Harry Potter! (I know, how dare I get married on Harry Potter weekend)Then off the rehearsal. I can't wait to get to the dinner. Mrs. Hotchkiss is so crafty and creative that I know it is just going to look beautiful. I think we are planning on a little open mic night so I'm curious to see what everyone has to say.
  • Saturday - WEDDING DAY! Getting to marry my very best friend and start our lives together. and of course partying it up with all our friends after. I can't wait to get my dance on.
  • Sunday - waking up bright and early to go on the honeymoon!
Let's see things I'm excited about when we get married:
  • Living with Dustin
  • Having all my things in on place and not live out of a duffel bag
  • Getting to be with my puppy Ferguson again
  • home cooked meals
  • gym facility I don't have to pay for
  • friends that are super close
  • having my best friend to hangout with all the time
  • learning how to live with a boy
  • learning what Dustin likes to eat and what he doesn't of my cooking
  • being a wifey
And I'm sure there is many more, but the sleeping pill is kicking in. Goodnight!

This picture about explains what I'm like when I'm stressing and not sleeping.
How do my posts end up being so long? I got to work on that.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Week!

I have been having the most bizarre emotions today. I think my feelings have been on all ends of the spectrum. I left the apartment today thinking I'll probably only stop by once more and then the next time I go I'll be there for good. Married. EEK! It completely blows my mind that I will be married in 5 days! FIVE! I am so excited and overjoyed. Dustin and I have been looking so forward to this for so long. I'm just ready to finally call him my husband. I think what I am the most excited about is seeing him every day. Since we very first started dating we have pretty much only seen each other on the weekends. When he was in Dallas and I was with my parents it was strictly weekends, and normally not the entire weekend. When he lived in Fort Worth and I was in my apartment, it was weekends and maybe one day during the week. When Dustin moved to the Colony and I was back with my parents it was only weekends. This summer we have seen each other a lot. We have spent a lot of the week days together since I am not at school. I don't want to make it sound like we don't see each other so everyone is seeing red flags that we can't live together. We've been on trips, stayed together for 4 or 5 nights, and we just enjoy each other's company. I just can't believe it! 5 days! Today, I spent the day getting the apartment ready. Finishing unpacking everything, making a pile of the things that I want to hang on the walls, cleaning the dishes, etc. I don't want to come home to a mess when we get back from the honeymoon.

The other side of my feelings? The fact that I will be living with.... A BOY! Gees, I sound like one of my seventh graders don't I? Now, I know that I have two brothers. I have always lived with my brothers minus college and when I moved to my apartment. Even right now we are all home for the first summer in years. However, I haven't had to share a bathroom with them since I was 8 years old. At our house, their rooms and bathroom is at one end of the hallway and I am at the other. We have no reason to co-habitate in a room. So this whole living with a boy thing just sort of hit me out of nowhere. As Dustin and I have been slowly trying to merge all of our stuff together and figure out what was kept or thrown out, it hit me like a brick wall. I'm living with a boy. Luckily, when I notice the differences I know that my brothers are the same way so I decide to blame it... boy. For example, today I went to put things in Dustin's closet. When I went in there, turns out a lot had been thrown on the ground and there were bags of stuff that hadn't been unpacked. To him the closet was completely organized. To me, a war zone. I nearly had a fit. I line my clothes up by color and by season. Short sleeve to long sleeve. Each thing has a place, a hook, a shelf, a drawer. I decided to just blame it on him being a boy. I don't want to sound like Dustin is messy or unorganized because I think I kind of lucked out that he is fairly neat. But, he is a boy!

Anyway... I'll be married in 5 days!!!!!!

Thinking of a new title for the blog... I just sort of threw this "blog it out" one out there. I was trying to think of something to do with my new last name "Hotchkiss" My 7th graders have turned that name in to so many things (hot kiss, kissable, coach hottie, and my favorite... crotchkiss (seriously?!!)) I figure if they are so creative with the name, certainly I can be too. Ideas? I was throwing around Hotchkisses and Hugs. Opinions on it?

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