Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fried Ice Cream for Six Whenever You Get the Chance

Two weeks ago Dustin and I spent six beautiful days in Mexico with my sister-in-law Mendy, brother-in-law Brent, and our friends Jessica and Mitch. We had a blast!

Waking up super early Sunday morning we met at my parents house to drive over to the airport. After a super small breakfast, coffee, new sunglasses, and magazines we were finally on our way! We had all been looking forward to this trip, but I think Mendy and Dustin were the most excited. Everyday they sent a picture that they found on Google of how many days we had left. It was seriously all Dustin had to talk about. We went to the Valentine Imperial Maya which is where Dustin and I went on our honeymoon. Brent and Mendy had gone there for theirs too.

After a long flight and a limo trip where we were just about to die with excitement, we had finally arrived! We quickly changed and headed down to the pool for what we called our "Bonus Day." We didn't think we were going to get enough time to really hang out, so we were eating up every second of our half day that we could. Eating a small breakfast, not eating lunch, and going a little overboard with our excitement at the swim up bar led to a very unforgettable (for some forgettable) Bonus Day. So much so, that I decided, with not much choice, to take a very long nap that led to everyone waiting for us for about an hour for dinner. Our first night we ate at the Italian restaurant. It was delicious. Mendy and Jessica had the BEST Caprese Salad and Mitch made sure to sneak in as many bites of Jessica's pasta that he could.  You can't get a better Bonus Day!
 Dustin and Brent in the limo Yes, Dustin has a creeper looking mustache.
 Mendy, Jessica and Mitch
 Sister-in-laws ready to party!

Super excited about their salad

The rest of our days were spent at the pool and swim up bar. Everyday the entertainment group would put on games in the morning and afternoon. Dustin participated in a beer drinking contest where he lost in the first round because the other guy cheated. The next day Jessica and Dustin played a game where they had to get a ball into a life saver thing that was in the pool. Since there were so many people playing that had done well, they decided that the guys would have to do a sexy walk down the pool so that the crowd could decide who won. My ever so shy husband was not having this. Jessica at first thought she was going to have to booty dance with him and she opted out too. If you ever get a chance to go to this resort you should seriously check out the games. They were hilarious and started/ended each game with their theme song. (Hands up! Hands down! Jumping, Jumping, Jumping!)

Their promotional video with our favorite theme song!

At night we tried pretty much all of the restaurants: Italian (twice), French, and the Japanese (one night the Hibachi, whoop whoop as the Mexican waiters say, and the other night the regular food). The resort has a Steak and Seafood and Mexican food but no one was really wanting to try those. On our night at the French restaurant, Mendy was convinced that this was where the famous fried ice cream was. The place was short staffed and after waiting for almost an hour for dinner, our patience was wearing thin. It took about an hour and a half from the time we sat down to when we got our food. When the food arrived, Jessica leaned over to one of our Spanish speaking waiters and let him know that he could "go ahead and get six fried ice creams started whenever he got the chance." Turns out this was NOT the place with the fried ice cream and our poor barely-English speaking waiter was extremely confused and most likely making fun of us in the kitchen. They did, however, have a delicious Baked Alaska which Jessica was still convinced was indeed the fried ice cream. We did finally find it at the Italian restaurant, after looking for two more nights and much to our dismay it was not good.
 Hibachi at the Japanese Restaurant
 Flaming Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska that was actually better than the Fried Ice Cream

The rest of our trip we sat out in the courtyard and laughed until our sides ached. There was some great music that was played and Jessica did the shopping cart and the shower. What could be better?

All in all, it was a fabulous trip! We had a lot of laughs and a ton of fun. Can't wait until the next one!

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