Friday, June 15, 2012

A Beautiful New Mexican Wedding!

A few weeks ago, I packed up and flew to Albuquerque for my sweet friend Steph's wedding. Steph and I actually met through an ex-boyfriend in college. We became fast friends with our similar interest in acting completely ridiculous and not caring who is watching. I say when the relationship ended, I got her in the custody battle. After college, Steph moved home with me while we both looked for jobs. We lived dorm style in my childhood bedroom and made the best of the ridiculous heat that found its way there. She moved back to New Mexico after a few months, but we stayed close.

Derrick and Steph met about two (maybe three?) years ago. Derrick is completely in love with her. You can tell with every way he looks at her. I don't think there is anything he would not do for her. Steph lights up when she's with him. It is truly incredible to see one of your friends so happy around another person.

Here are some pictures from the incredible weekend: (I, of course, got a little carried away with my picture picking)

 J-Patt and Brooke. 
Derrick's stepmom, Lisa, created these cute place mats. It had a fun maze with Steph and Derrick and a Guess Who? game with fun things from their lives. 
 Steph and Derrick in the limo
 We lit Chinese Lanterns at Steph's parents' house. Ours caught on fire which also somehow burnt my hair.
 JPatt and I
 Perfect little couple
 Watching the Chinese Lanterns
 Until a professional got a hold of her, Steph's bangs looked like this at nearly every moment
 What else do you do when you need to steam your dress besides make a clothes line with the straps?

Look at what a beauty she is! 

 Brooke, Margaret, and I
 The song for the cake cutting was the Dairy Queen "Ice Cream, and Cake, and Cake!" Derrick broke into a fabulous dance.
 Margaret and I 
Our group at the wedding 
 Bridesmaids on the dance floor
 I feel like photo booths should be a must at all weddings
Love you two so much! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

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