Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Segreti Wedding

About a month ago, I told you about how much fun Katie's Bachelorette party was. Dustin had celebrated with Alex for his bachelor party in Tahoe back in April. Well, the two finally got hitched! This was such a special wedding to the two of us. Alex is one of Dustin's fraternity brothers, and since I was a complete groupie that made him one of my friends too. Katie and I were in the College of Education together and spent many a nights finishing on projects at the last minute.

One night at our favorite bar Chimy's in Fort Worth (the original is right off of campus at Tech) Dustin and I called Alex to come out. We both decided we needed a good laugh, and Alex is the best at doing that. He was already out in Fort Worth and was going to meet up with us later. Katie lived down the street and I always called her any time we were out that way. When they both ended up with us later that night, I told Dustin I had this genius idea to try to set the two of them up. I introduced them both, but with the ridiculously packed bar I didn't see sparks really flying. When Alex asked me for about the fourth time what Katie's name was again, I just decided to give up on the whole idea. Well, one thing led to another and a few years later here we are celebrating their wedding!

It was so much fun. We started the weekend with rehearsal at the church. Since I was in the House Party, I got to be part of this little sneak peak. It was fun to see everyone. Since I had met all of Katie's friends, and Dustin and I know most of Alex's, we were sure this was going to be a blast. After watching a sweet slide show and having an amazing dinner, Katie and Alex went their separate ways to celebrate their last nights before getting married. I went with Dustin which meant going with Alex. We went to one of the places on West 7th Street in Fort Worth and had so much fun. We don't get to see our Houston friends very often so it was fun to catch up.

Saturday night was filled with getting ready, picking up some Bundtinis, and celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Segreti. Their reception was held at the Fort Worth club and it was beautiful. I'm so excited for my two friends. We seriously danced the whole night and took pictures in the photo booths. I think photo booths are the greatest inventions at weddings.  Katie and Alex make the most adorable couple and I couldn't be happier for them. Congrats you two! 

 Their last picture together before getting hitched!
 The only two groupies left from 2004

 Doing the Stanky Leg

 College of Ed Friends!
 Making our own photo booth in the photo booth

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