Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Cookin' Good Lookin' v.3

I haven't tried too many new recipes lately, but at least I didn't go months between updating this series. Baby steps...

Before I get started let me tell you how much I hate when you can't go back to where you found something on Pinterest. It seriously drives me crazy. I'm not quite sure were this little gem of a pot roast came from. There was no website and the whole recipe was just on the little description part. Thanks to whoever came up with it! Wish I could give you some legit credit!

 This is seriously the most delicious pot roast. It is one of Dustin's favorite meals that I make. I've made this so many times that I don't even look at the recipe any more. I always grab a 2-4 lb chuck pot roast. If you want to go ahead and make your sides add some carrots and potatoes to the bottom of the crock pot. I didn't make potatoes this time around, but they are seriously delish! Put the roast on top. Add a packet of McCormick's brown gravy, a packet of dry ranch dressing, and a packet of Italian seasoning on top. I sprinkle some down to the bottom too. Add in some water. The recipe called for about 1/4 cup. I put in enough to wear it touches about halfway up the roast. We have cooked it for 9 hours every time we have made it. It is probably some of the best meat I've ever had. So easy too! You'll be happy you tried this one, I promise!

 The cucumber sandwich recipe came from here. The piece of toast I can not find the pin for anywhere. It probably got lost on my classroom board or somewhere in the vast amount of pins that I have. Anyone else ever feel the need to organize their pin boards? Ridiculous, right?

The cucumber sandwich was awesome! Take a cucumber and hollow it out a bit. Add whatever sandwich stuff you want. I think on the original she put mayo, but I HATE mayo. (I introduce you to, the pickiest eater alive, me) I just put turkey and some cheese. Add a lot of whatever meat you use. Ever had a sandwich with too much bread? If you aren't careful, you'll get this with too much cucumber. Both times I dipped mine in whatever salad dressing I had in my fridge. It is pretty hard to eat it as a full sandwich with both halves together. It came to be extremely messy. So I ate them as half sandwiches. Still delish!
I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible this summer. It hasn't been going so super great. On Tuesday I started a new diet that I can't wait to share with you when it's over. On to the food...

The toast was absolutely amazing. A piece of whole wheat toast, cream cheese, mashed avocado, sliced cucumber, and pepper. I could seriously eat these all day!

As healthy as this lunch was, I think I was just excited to try to eat new recipes. Both of them were super filling. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach because I ate half of this.

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