Sunday, August 12, 2012

Colorado Bliss

I had told all of you that Kendall and I were headed to Aspen a few weeks ago. This was seriously one of the best trips I had been on. I have been so bored sitting at home this summer that this was really what I needed. Throughout middle school and high school, I was frequently a guest on the Stanger family trips. Each summer we used to head out to Austin with their good friends and my junior year we went to Florida. The Stangers were my second family growing up and I couldn't wait to hangout with them. After high school, and especially marriage, trips like these just don't happen anymore. You don't get to see your friends' parents like you did growing up. I just felt so grateful that the Stangers still would take me on a trip and the chance to just hangout with them again. 

We left Monday and spent two days driving out to Aspen. I think I could drive through the mountains all day. They are so beautiful. We were supposed to go rafting Wednesday, but with the rain the night before they said they waters were too dangerous. We spent the day laying out by the pool and going out for a great dinner at BB's Kitchen. Thursday we headed to white water raft and zip line. I had never been rafting before and was terrified. It was a blast though. I thought I would be scared the whole time, but I couldn't get enough of it. Our guide was so much fun too! The zip line was what I couldn't wait for! Kendall and I used to zip line all the time at Pine Cove, the summer camp we used to go to. We zip lined over the Colorado River. Friday we went horse back riding which will be another post on it's own. That night we ate at Justice Snow. If you ever get a chance to go to Aspen, eat here. It was some of the best food I've ever had. They even had a drink called Tequila Mockingbird. Saturday we walked around town at the Aspen Arts Festival. Sunday we did our whole drive back in one day. We didn't get back until about 1:45am. 

I had such a great time! Kendall and I haven't spent time together like this since high school and I enjoyed every second that I could with her. With our crazy schedules sometimes we go months without seeing each other now. We never got sick of each other and I laughed so much on this trip. We spent one night out on the patio and got to talk so much about everything in our lives. Getting to hangout with her parents was also a blast. It is always fun to get to know parents you grew up with again when you are an adult. (ew, I hate saying that I'm an adult still.) 

Thank you so much Stanger family! I had a blast!

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