Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Date Night

My friend Margaret called me a few weeks ago saying that her boyfriend couldn't go to a wedding with her at the last minute. Since she had already RSVP'd and planned on making the trip to Dallas anyways, she asked if I would mind just going with her. I was totally up for a night with one of my best girlfriends, and I love weddings! We had so much fun! I had met Matt, the groom, a few times in college so it wasn't like I was a complete stranger, and there were a few other familiar faces.. The bride and groom had met on so their favors were match books and some super fun sunglasses. Thanks for letting me be your date Marge!

 Matt has a little obsession with Star Wars. Here is his grooms cake
 Just Married Star Wars Spaceship (Is that what you call these?)
 See, Star Wars obsession. Even had a little wedding set up with the figurines.
 Our places. Just call me M. Stephens' Guest

 We are pretty cool in our stunna shades
 Margaret with the bride and groom

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