Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fabulous Anniversary!

Dustin and I had a great anniversary! It was so fun to reminisce on the past year. We started out the night with eating cake. This wasn't the topper of our cake though. Delicious Cakes will make you a free anniversary cake. To be honest, I wondered if I could just do this every year. They didn't ask my name to check their records or ask when our anniversary was or anything. Just my name to pick it up and what flavors I wanted. We decided to do what we had for Dustin's Groom's cake. We didn't try that one at the wedding because I couldn't figure out how to cut it.

We ate dinner at Simply Fondue. It was absolutely amazing. I hadn't been there since high school. Dustin wasn't so sure about cooking his own food. It was so good though. We stuffed ourselves full. I didn't eat again until like 2 the next day. 

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