Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Kendall!

Happy Birthday Kendall!!

Kendall is my very best friend from the 4th grade!! If you have never met the two of us, you should know that we are the COMPLETE opposites. I think some might wonder how we have been friends for this long, but somehow we make it work. While I have just recently found my shopping addiction, Kendall has had it since the day she was born. She can be shy, but she loves to dance. Give her a good beat and you'll see every part of her start to shake. I'd tell you about the moment I knew she could move at an 8th grade dance, but I'm pretty sure she'd drive over here and kill me. While I will tell you my feelings and talk them out to death, Kendall likes to hold things in. I'll never forget in 5th grade when we were on a Girl Scout spend the night trip, I leaned over before we went to bed and told Kendall she was my best friend. Her response, "Thank you." I was convinced she hated me.

Kendall was my Maid of Honor. She did the most incredible job. I have to say with my "get it done" attitude and her attention to detail, I was worried at how this whole plan a wedding thing was going to work out. I could not have asked for a better Maid of Honor. She went to every appointment with me and planned the BEST bachelorette party.

Kendall is one of the most generous people I have ever met. She has such a kind heart and would do anything for her family and friends. Her loyalty is something I admire most about her. I know I could always count on her. Kendall is the strongest person I know, and I think I grow a little more from her advice. She hates birthdays and presents more than anything, so I better get to the pictures. I wish I had my old computer and could whip out some pics from waaaay back in the day!

 With our 3rd Musketeer and other best bud from the 4th grade, Rachel
 Spring 2011
 Rich O'Toole Concert
 Summer 2008
 Going to visit two of our best friends from high school, Lauren and Torri
 My birthday 2009
 High school friends aka "The YaYas" at my wedding
Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
 Going to watch the Mavs game
 Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
On our way to an Eli Young Concert 
 Kenny Chesney Concert
Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights Concert
 Prom 2004
Out for my 18th Birthday

I love you Main Amigo!!!! Happy Birthday!

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