Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Opening Day!

Baseball season is here! Dustin has been looking forward to this day for months. Especially since the Mavs haven't been looking so hot, he has been bored out of his mind. This time of year means that I am Sports Widow until about December/January. Once baseball starts Dustin is glued to that TV. Halfway through baseball starts football which means seeing him even less. Not to say I don't enjoy the Rangers with him. I like to watch the games every once in awhile. I enjoy going to them even more though. However, I can't watch them every. single. night. There are more important things on, right?

Anyways, I did not do anything for Valentine's because I knew that Opening Day was a much bigger deal! I wanted to surprise Dustin with a big Opening Day basket. I had seen one of our friends do it for her husband last year and have been keeping it in my pocket ever since. I had been gathering stuff for a few weeks, and was waiting for Dustin to fall asleep Thursday night. Problem was I feel asleep on the couch before him! He tried to wake me up and move me about 10:30, but I knew I had to wait it out or miss my chance. This meant I fell asleep AGAIN! So at 2am, I was silently moving around trying to get everything ready. Let's hope my skills at leaving presents out improve before I have children.

So it says Happy Opening Day, but the silver got blocked out with the flash. I attached this to the shirt I was leaving for Dustin. I'm a little horrified. I just realized I spelt "wear" wrong. That's what 2am will do to you.  
Dustin irons his shirt every night and leaves it up against my closet in his bathroom. (Yes, we use separate bathrooms and closets. Yes, his closet is next to my bathroom and mine is in his bathroom. Basically, I have too many clothes so need the bigger one and get up way earlier and make too much noise to get ready next to our room) But... back to the story. I switched Dustin's shirt out with the Rangers one I bought for him.
I had this sitting on all of his stuff. I was so super excited!

Car flag, koozie, coffee cup, beer, peanuts, bubble gum, and sunflower seeds. The Hotchkiss duo is ready for   some Texas Rangers baseball!


  1. Soooo cute! Great idea, Taylor, I love it!

  2. Thank you! Excuse the fact I spelt 'wear' wrong in his note.