Monday, February 20, 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Have you all read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?  or seen the movie? To be honest, am I even getting the title right? It confuses me every time I see it. On my board at school, under what I'm reading, I wrote it wrong 5 times. My students kept having to correct me.
The picture is the movie poster, but it was the same on my book as well.

I have to be honest, and you all know from my few book reviews post, that I LOVE to read a book before the movie. It is a must for me. However, I think I would have been ok without this one. The book is cute. Hard to follow though. Oskar lost his father during 9/11. Two years later, he is still having an extremely hard time moving on. It literally hurts him to try. It seems like his mom and grandmother have just moved on, and he is the only one remembering his father. One part of Oskar and his dad's relationship was adventures. After finding two keys in his dad's closet, Oskar believes his father has set him on last mission. He makes it his life to find out what his father was trying to tell him. While following him on this journey, we get to meet his grandmother and grandfather who narrate the other chapters through letters. Oskar's grandmother loves her grandson and has written letters to him. She tells him her story of being married to a husband who left before meeting his song. To be honest, I thought she went into way too much detail about her marriage to tell a child. Other chapters are narrated by the grandfather who wrote letters to a son (Oskar's dad) whom he never met who also went more into depth than any child wants to know about their parents. It was a hard book to follow. While Oskar is witty and mature, it is hard to connect with the rest of the story.I almost wished the grandparents' letters had been thrown out. I enjoyed their story, but not from their point of view. I was wanting to know more about Oskar.

I really want to see the movie. The movie looked a lot better than the book. Yes, this freak of a book person actually admitted this!

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