Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Morgan!

This post is incredibly late! But.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BABY GANNY! Otherwise known as Morgan!

Morgan is one of my very best friends and just recently moved here to the Dallas area. We met back in college. I happened to be living with her cousin, Mary Anne, and she was needing somewhere to live. I remember feeling completely awkward when Mary Anne told me she was moving in. Mary Anne didn't know all that much about her cousin besides the fact she was coming to stay. The first time I met her I was the only one home and had just gotten in from work. She was on the phone and quickly turned away when I tried to say  hello. She will tell you she was livid at the fact we had not mopped the floors in her room after Mary Anne's 21st birthday party. I will tell you we were pissed she was taking away our awesome party room. We quickly became fast friends though. Some would tell you that we were horribly obnoxious and connected at the hip. We did absolutely everything together which normally was sitting on the couches at home watching TV while we Facebook-ed each other. 

The best part of Morgan moving in? Her birthday is just three days after mine! The even better part? We were both turning 21 that year. What could be better than not only turning 21, but having someone to celebrate with? We were so excited that we hung a birthday sign up in the kitchen three months before our birthdays. 

Morgan moved back to New Mexico and we were able to stay the best of friends. We have tried to see each other each year during our birthday months and have been successful every year except two, but we saw each other in February then. She was in my wedding, and her moving here has been so much fun!

Morgan is one of the best friends you could ever have. She is always there when you need talk. She loves to have fun and says the funniest things that could make me laugh for days. She has a heart that is as big as all get out and cares so deeply for everyone around her.

Our birthday sign that got hung up in January when our birthdays are in March. Happy 21st!
 Texas Mardi Gras 2011
 Birthday visit 2010
 Birthday Visit 2009
Texas Mardi Gras 2010
 Probably our first picture taken together. Fall 2006
 Possibly the first Sig Ep party of many together? I won't remind you what night this was.
 Our pumpkin roommate Joy who somehow lived for like 6 months. We took her to parties and the movies. Seriously, we were THAT cool. RIP Joy! 
 Texas Mardi Gras 2009
 Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
Jammin' out to our favorite jam Fergalicious.
Copyright Erica Joyce Photography
 Morgan's mom and sister in town this past week for her birthday!
26th birthdays! March 2012. 

Little Baby Ganny and Tenderonni forever! Love you my heterosexual lifemate!

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