Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome to the Blog World!

      I'm officially welcoming myself to the blog world. I'm not quite sure if I have anything interesting enough to say that people will read, but ready or not here I am. I'm such a planner that this is a decision I've been thinking about for a long time. I didn't want to do something I couldn't commit to. Worried about committing to a blog? I've got issues. Especially if it became a decision that took me for forever.

      Wedding planning is officially almost over! At least with the big stuff which is a HUGE relief. I can't say that I am the best bride. I am so excited to be married to Dustin, live with him, call him my husband, spend my life with him, and just have my best friend around at all times. However, the whole planning everything was a little more difficult then I thought it would be. I'm such a planner that I thought that this would totally be my thing. I carry my planner around everywhere and keep it color coordinated. (Not so much recently since I'm having to add dates to it every 2 seconds) Normally though, I carry around my little markers in their separate pouch so that the color coordination is never messed up. You never know when you'll need the blue appointment color! Do I sound like a freak yet? Anyways, I was so pumped for wedding planning until I saw all it entailed! It has been more fun then it started out to be, but I'll be relieved with the day is here. With teaching, coaching, and keepin up with life it was just a little too much of added stress for me. Thankfully, I'm at the fun part where we do showers, engagement pictures, bridal portraits, bachelorette party, and seeing the RSVPs in the next couple months to see who can make it!I think the hardest part is that I'm just not a very good decision maker. I can always tell you what I definitely don't want, but not always what exactly I want. When I have to think that is something I'm sharing with my family and friends, plus, will be in pictures for the rest of my life, well just throw decision making out the window. I sound like a complete complainer. I'm super excited about it all though and can't wait for our special day to be here. Calling Dustin my husband is something that makes me smile. He is such an incredible man, and I'm so completely excited to spend my life with him. I'm even excited about the craziness that will come with it too. Combining our stuff, having those first moments when we realize I don't have a "home" to go to when we get in an argument, putting our different life styles together, becoming a part of each other's family just sounds like fun too.

     I'd also like to welcome Morgan Marie to the world! On Friday night Dustin's sister, Mendy, went into labor. This was something we had been expecting. Her original due date had been May 11, but Morgan was bound and determined to make her entrance into the world a little early. We were originally going to Abilene this weekend, but decided we would be too scared that we would get there and have to turn around. Turns out we were right! We headed out to Fort Worth at about 11:30pm Friday night. Well, Morgan was determined to have an entrance that would have everyone on pins and needles. After getting a few hours of sleep in the waiting room, we finally went to the truck where I slept in the passenger seat and Dustin in the drivers. I somehow fell asleep right away, but Dustin was up all night afraid someone would break into the truck. (My knight and shining armor watching over me <3) Finally, after a 7-11 breakfast stop, we went back into the waiting room and waited for Morgan to grace us with her presence that morning. She is absolutely adorable and I can't believe she is here! Even though I'm not officially her aunt until July 16th, I'm calling her my niece anyways! Dustin and I will be her only aunt and uncle. Brent is an only child and it is just Dustin and Mendy. I feel like this puts on so much pressure. I just want to be everything to her that all my aunts and uncles have been to me. I keep wondering what she'll call us. The "yl" and "Dust" can be sort of hard for a little kid to say. I wonder how she'll say it or if she'll turn to a nickname. I wonder what funny things she'll say and the cute faces she'll make. I just can't believe she is here. This whole weekend has just made me realize how excited I am to be a part of the Hotchkiss family. I have been so lucky with my soon to be in-laws.

Morgan was Dustin's very first baby to hold. Doesn't he look like a natural? Well, I guess that is enough rambling for now.


  1. "Do I sound like a freak yet?" Hahaha, I believe I will thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, Taylor. Yay for a new blog buddy!

  2. Congrats on your new adventure...looking forward to reading all you have to say...with our family, I am sure there will be some very interesting entries! Have fun with this:)
    Love ya! Dai- Dai
    Oh...I know it will be awhile, but I am curious to what name little Morgan will have for you, wonder if it will be anything like the one you gave me;)