Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Alive! I Promise!

Gees, school starts back up and I become MIA! Don't think I haven't thought about posting, because I have. Just about every day. Right now, close your eyes, and picture the most wonderful postings. You laughed, you cried, some you even told your friends about. Can you picture it? Good. Because I thought about writing every single one of those! Seriously, every day when I look at all my fabulous blogs I follow or when I actually do something fun in my boring life, I think... maybe I'll actually turn on my laptop tonight. I swear, these iPads are the best things ever, but I'm awful at typing on them. So I only actually write posts on my laptop, which I never use anymore.

There really has not been a lot going on since I was alive in the blogging world. But I thought I'd share with you in pictures...

Awhile back I talked about how nervous I was to be the head 7th grade coach this year. Since getting back from Christmas (which is just about the last time you heard from me), my life has been consumed by basketball. I had a great group of girls this year. They got 3rd place in our district! I was so proud of them. I have never seen a team have heart like they did. They wanted it so bad, and they fought every step of the way. I was truly blessed to have a group of a girls like I did for my first year. Next year's team has big shoes to fill.
Coach Kenney learning how to Dougie in the locker room before an 8th grade game

Two weeks ago, I flew to Lubbock for literally 24 hours and had a fabulous time! My good friend Brooks was getting married Saturday night. Steph and I decided to make it a girls' weekend and left the boys at home. Steph lives in New Mexico and we NEVER get to see each other. She is getting married in May and I'm super excited. I flew it Saturday morning and got to meet up with my friend Lindsey, another who I never get to see. She picked me up from the airport and we did lunch with her sister, Ally, and hubby, Kuhrt. (who by the way is the drummer of a fabulous band called A Road Less Traveled. Check them out) After that we ran a few errands and caught up at our favorite place Chimy's. That night was Brooks and Amye's wedding. It was beautiful. They had the wedding on campus and I loved getting to be at a place that we all knew so well. We had a fabulous time hanging out with all of our friends.

So Lindsey and I didn't take pictures while I was there, but I couldn't leave her out. This is a picture from about 4-5 years ago. Can't you tell by the college/sorority girl kissy face?
Steph and I in our one moment of being classy.
Classic of the first picture we have.
 Our other half for the night. Brooke and JPatt
 So Amye totally broke out into a dance on the floor. Literally. In wedding dress and all. She is one brave woman and I love her even more for doing it.
 Calvert and Taylour. I'd say Calvert and I avoided being friends in every way, but somehow our weird twisted lives kept showing us it was a must.
Calvert giving his speech 
The fabulous Mrs. and Mr. Brooks Jay

The Hotchkiss duo has also been hanging out with family! My brother and his girlfriend came over last weekend to hangout for a bit. We have so much fun together. My brother, Josh, is hilarious. Probably the funniest person I've ever known, and Alexa keeps him grounded and somewhat normal. Josh somehow always ends up being "that guy" whenever we go out. Never in a bad way, but the guy you are talking about his one-liners days after. His latest thing is to Yo-Yo while he is out. Most of you may think this is weird, but being around him for 23 1/2 years has just made me used to it. We also got to FINALLY meet Baby Bryce. I talked about the Erwins earlier. Baby Bryce was born in September and is just the cutest thing.
 My brother Josh showing everyone how to walk the dog
 Alexa showing us her skills
 Dustin learning
Baby Bryce!

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