Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Night Movies #3

Dustin and I have been slacking on our Friday Night Movies. We have been out of town and there hasn't been too much out that we wanted to see. In fact, I'm only talking about one today because we couldn't find anything we wanted to watch.

Dustin's parents had talked to us about Warrior a few weeks ago and we finally got to watching it. It was awesome!

Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) comes back from fighting overseas in the marines with a lot of anger. His dad was a drunk growing up, his brother didn't join him and his mom when they finally left, he was the only one there when his mother died, and he is carrying around a secret from the marines. He meets back up with his now sober dad (Nick Nolte) to train for UFC fighting. He makes it clear to his dad that he is only looking for a trainer and not a father. While this is going on, Tommy's brother, Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) is a physics teacher who married his high school sweetheart and now has two daughters. Fact is, teaching isn't paying the bills. They are about to get foreclosed on and Brendan who once fought decides to go back to what he knows. Tommy and Brendan both end up fighting in the same tournament where the prize is 5 million dollars. This is no big surprise that both brothers who can't stand to be near the other end up fighting in the same match. Brendan cares about his brother, but Tommy carries a lot of anger of being abandon by his older brother. It was hard to watch them fight because they both had such a reason for the money. Brendan wanted to keep his house while Tommy was trying to send money to his best friend's family who had been killed overseas.

I absolutely loved this movie. If you enjoy movies like Cinderella Man and The Fighter, then you would definitely like this. I had a really hard time watching the actual fight scenes. UFC fighting is just hard to watch in general. I don't really get the need to be beat to a pulp, but hey, to each their own. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It was a great story about family and over coming anger that you carry.

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