Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Seven!

Today marks seven wonderful months of marriage with Dustin. I know, half of you are thinking seven months gees that's nothing, and the other half not being able to wait until you are at seven. Out of nearly all of my friends I am the only married. Every time I talk to anyone I get the questions of "How's married life?" "What's it really like?" "How is it different?" I totally meant to do this post on our six month. Six months seems like such a milestone. Dustin thinks I'm crazy when I remember each month, but I feel like you get to celebrate whatever you want your first year of marriage. So, I decided to post this for our seventh month because who actually does anything special for seven months? (This has nothing to do with the fact that I was just too lazy to blog on our actual 6 months)

So here is my take on marriage in just 7 months...
  • Marriage is not that different from dating. Dustin and I never lived together before we got married, but once we moved in, it just seemed like when we were dating. We were around each other a whole lot more, but it wasn't like our relationship completely changed.
  • You learn a lot about each other. Sometimes it is really hard. You have a lot of moments when you think... ok, that is way different from how I do things. Dustin and I come from different cities, backgrounds, and life styles. So for awhile it was hard putting everything together. For example, Dustin is just naturally a clean person. His places have just been for the most part picked up. I am messy. I try to clean up, but I normally will just designate a day a week to get everything done. Then I just attempt to keep it up.
  • Cuddling on the couch, sweet notes, etc. last for awhile, but you literally just can't keep up with that every day. You start to appreciate the little things. I feel like this is when I truly felt what love was. During holidays and summer I'm home all the time. I clean, cook, do laundry and everything else. I'm Super Wife. Need something done? I gotcha. During the school year, I'm a little lazy. During a season? Maybe I'll see you as you  brush your teeth to go to bed. We just had a two week period where I saw Dustin maybe once before 8pm. Coming into this marriage, I don't think Dustin realized how much I'm not home. After awhile, I noticed the bed was made up when I came home or all the dishes had been put away. Maybe the laundry had been folded or had even been started. He took the dog on a walk. Now I know most of you may think 'isn't that just responsibility?' To me, I just felt loved. He realized I wasn't home a lot, and it wasn't my fault. He also realized if one us didn't do it, it didn't get done. It's the little thoughts that started to make a difference.
  • Added on to this, you have to once again learn lifestyles and what the other means when they say things. Dustin gets home an 1-6 hours before I do. By the time I walk in the door, he's ready to cook, clean, and hangout. For me, I'm ready to sit and be quiet for a bit. I used to get my feelings hurt because I thought Dustin was telling me I was a bad wife when he cleaned up while I sat around. It took me awhile to realize he was just trying to help.
  • If you have been alone and living single for awhile, marriage can be an adjustment. Dustin and I for the most part have lived alone since we got out of college. Even when I had roommates/lived with my parents we didn't see each other. Let me tell ya, it is hard to all of a sudden come home to someone who wants to hangout and talk. We were both so used to getting in the car, shutting down, and being completely lazy when we got home. It is different when you are coming home to someone that you can't go in your own room and shut the door from.
  • Get ready to make some hard conversations serious. Finances, savings, houses, etc. It is super easy to forget those conversations, but they are a MUST have.
  • I'd say the hardest thing is that you will still see your friends, but your friends will think it's different once you're married. I had to stress to several of them that I am the SAME person just with a different name. Luckily, I have some fabulous friends that this was an issue for about two weeks. I think most of you know though that I don't let you not talk to me.

Let me tell you one thing, marriage is AWESOME. You  come home every single day to your best friend. You spend every night with your best friend. You get to hangout every weekend with your best friend. Now that best friend may you drive you completely crazy, but at the end of the day you love them and you just can't stay mad. Dustin makes me laugh nearly every day, he brings me out of bad moods, and leaves me alone when I say I just need to be on my own, he doesn't judge me for my messiness or lack of wanting to work out, he babies me when I cry because my knees hurt so badly because I actually did work out. You get someone who just gets you. They know what to order if you run to the restroom at a restaurant, they'll make dinner when you're too tired, they even let you scream and throw things just because they know you're stressed. Marriage is everything I thought and more. Love you Dustin.

End sappy love post.... NOW!

Is the font of my posts turning up funny to anyone else? On my computer/iPad it is readable, but on Dustin's is not. It may be time to contact my dear friend Natalie at Fifth of August. My blog may need a new look!

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