Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Movies #4

I'm sure every single one of you has seen the previews for The Vow. I bet by now, most of you have seen it. For those of you wondering do I go to the theater, wait until it comes out, or don't even bother, this is for you.

I tricked Dustin into going to see The Vow last Saturday for our Valentine's. He didn't completely understand what he was buying tickets for. After they were bought I finally showed him the trailer. Sneaky Taylor!

The Vow was absolutely adorable!

After a car accident, Paige (Rachel McAdams, one of my faves) finds herself waking up in a hospital to a strange man. The strange man ends up being Leo (Channing Tatum, the perfect definition of eye candy), Paige's husband. She has no recollection of who he is. In fact, before the accident, Paige was completely in love with her husband and had not spoken to her family or childhood friends in five years. However, waking up Paige remembers being extremely close to every person from back home and engaged to Jeremy. In her mind she is still in love with Jeremy and has never even met Leo. The previews make the whole movie look like it is all Leo trying to get her to fall in love with him again which he does, but it isn't the entire plot. You see the struggles they go through. I cried a lot through the movie. This is based off a true story. Most of the movie isn't true I'm sure, but I tried to put myself in her shoes. Going home to live with some strange man who is so used to being around you. He even walks in on her naked one day just out of habit and she is incredibly creeped out. I just couldn't imagine living with someone that is a stranger to you, and that person is completely in love with everything about you. Especially, with the fact that her family had no idea who he was and she thought she was in love with someone else would just complicate things even more.

I loved this movie! I'm a total rom-com die hard though. I still tape The Notebook every time it comes on. I read Nicholas Sparks even though they depress me so much I eventually go on a "Sparks Break." If you aren't huge on them, wait until it comes out in theaters. If you feel like you could predict every second of the film, don't bother. It was a cute, funny movie. Dustin laughed a few times even though he would probably never admit it.

One of my student's was reading a book the other day called The Vow.  It was based off the true story. Now whether it was made after or before the movie I wasn't sure.

Happy Watching!

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