Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review: A Discovery of Witches

Have you read A Discovery of Witches? If you liked Twilight, or anything else related to vampires, you will definitely love this book! Great news? It is an adult read. Dustin is constantly making fun of me for my young adult preference to books. I blame it on my job, but secretly they just thrill me more than any adult book. I take a break every now and then. This was definitely worth the break from the poorly written, weak plots that I'm used to.

Diana Bishop is from a very long line of famous witches dating back to the Salem Witch Trials. However, Diana wants nothing to do with her magic. After her parents died at a young age, she went to live with her aunt and her aunt's partner. Diana wants to be normal. She wants to live like every one else and does everything she can to not use her magic. Ever. Diana is a historian which is one of the most fascinating things about this book. The history in it is wonderful. Diana, tired and alone, decides one day to use her magic to call a book down. The book ends up being a manuscript that supposedly tells witches, vampires, and demons how they came to existence and what to do to keep their race from dying out. Instantly, every creature in the world is interested in how Diana was able to call this lost manuscript and what she did to break the spell to open it. Including, a very old, extremely attractive Matthew Clairmont. He instantly feels a pull to Diana that he cannot explain. The two of them fall into a quick friendship that turns into a forbidden relationship. Vampires and Witches are never to be in relationships; which causes a lot of problems when the two decide they will not follow any such law.

I am IN LOVE with this book. It is a trilogy and BEING TURNED INTO A MOVIE!! WHAT WHAT! Yes, I love a book so much, I just said "What What! Don't make me raise the roof and give a holler! I am never one to actually research a book when it gives it history. I normally pass through the parts I don't know and make sense with what I can. I had my iPad literally next to me at all times so that I could find each part of history this book talks about. Diana, being a historian, is amazed at the history that Matthew has lived through and can't get enough of it. Let me tell you, neither could I.

This book has everything you could possibly need.

  • Adventure - Check
  • Fantasy - Check
  • Incredible pieces of history - Check
  • Humor - Check
  • Suspense - Check
  • A love relationship - Check
  • A love relationship with a super smoking hot vampire - Check, Check
Seriously go buy the book! Hurry, before I say What! What! again

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