Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Erin Condren Bliss

I have to say that I cannot take credit for finding this new little obsession I have. My sorority sister Mandell writes Nameless for Now that I just love. Mandell just got engaged a few months ago and I love following her excitement of planning a wedding. I do have to say it is more fun watching some one else plan than me be the one that is stressing. I loved planning my wedding and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, but planning one was enough.

Anyways, Mandell did this post, and I immediately went to Erin Condren's site and just about fell in love. It has so many things that you can personalize. It took forever for me to find what I wanted. My mom gave me a gift card for Christmas to buy some things off her site. I spent forever looking and finally decided on a new day planner and a pad of paper to make lists on.

Here comes another little freak part about me... I love planning things. I'm crazy about it. I set a whole day to color coordinate my planner and I carry 1000 markers around with me so that I always have all my colors ready to plan. I love to make lists of all kind: wish lists, to do lists, grocery lists, party lists, book lists. I could go on for forever. I'm obsessed. Literally. I think there is something wrong with me. My favorite aisle at Target is the one where they have all the organization things. They have all those pads of paper for grocery lists or planning out your meals. If you came to our apartment you would see bits and pieces of this organization, but at school every one thinks I'm nuts. I plan way out in advance with my lessons because I just love to plan and I'm super organized inside of my room. I can't wait to have kids and have their little areas organized for them to drop off their back packs and such.

Okay... moving on before you start to think I'm too weird and stop reading. I finally decided on  the 2012 Life Planner. If you wait until August you can get the 2012-2013 one. I almost did that because school wise those calendars are just easiest for me, but I couldn't wait. I chose to the picture collage cover so I could decorate mine with wedding pictures since that is obviously my current phase of pictures I adore. The planner is awesome. It has pages in the front for important dates. It goes week by week breaking your days into morning, afternoon, night. I love this because I can look at a certain time frame, and since I'm trying to lose weight I can monitor my eating habits easier. It has a zipper pouch plus a pocket in the back to keep things in. In my case, I can keep appointment reminders and my 1000 pens to color coordinate.It has great motivational quotes for each month too. I also got a pad of paper to make lists, of course, for my desk at school. Love! Erin Condren has so many other things you can look at on her site. You should totally check it out.
 The box!!! Isn't it cute?
 The wapping when I first opened it. I obviously took this picture after opening. I was just too excited.
The cover of my planner
 It has my name and my favorite bible verse
 The pad of paper I got. It has a notes, doodles, and to do section. I like the calendar at the bottom as well
 From the desk of Taylor Hotchkiss
There was a little envelope inside that had gift cards with my name on them. There were only a few to show as a sample, but I love them!


  1. ISN'T it AH-MAZZZING!!! It is such a life saver!!! Glad you got one!

  2. cute!! I will need to look at this!! I might just have to beat you after I spend all my $$ I have a feeling.. lol!