Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Very Hotchkiss Christmas

 This past weekend I had my very first Hotchkiss Christmas. I have to say that I consider myself very blessed with the in-laws that I have. I have always felt like I was part of the family and that is just extremely comforting to me.

We got there Friday after sitting in traffic for forever. I have to say that is the only bad part about driving to Abilene. It goes down to one lane for forever and it becomes a parking lot. Friday night we opened up all of our presents and Dustin and I were surprised with iPad 2s. I knew Dustin was getting one, but I had no idea that I was going to too. It was an awesome surprise and we are already very much addicted to them. We can barely put them down. It has been helpful since I can't talk. We have been able to message back and forth on them, and my dad even found an app where I can type what to say and it repeats it for me. I'm still using the laptop for blogging. Do any of you blog from your iPads?

We also got to celebrate Morgan's first Hotchkiss Christmas too! It was fun to see her become so interested by her toys. Dustin and I got her a jacket that looks like a mini north face and a little lovie that has her name on it. She kept kissing the lovie, it was absolutely adorable. She also got a few toys from her Nana and PaPa. Can you believe she is already 8 months? She is going to be walking in no time. I think sometimes she thinks she can and tries to just take off while you hold her up.

Later on, Dustin ended up some how locking the oven door shut for two days and setting his brand new iPad cover on fire. Both on accident and both hilarious stories. How does that happen? He leaned on the oven and shorted out the button. So when the oven locked we couldn't get it unlocked. He finally pried it open with a fork on Sunday. Then he accidentally leaned on the oven again and turned the stove on which burned the iPad cover. Needless to say, Dustin is not allowed anywhere near the oven any more.

Saturday we hung out all day and went to eat at Perini Ranch steak restaurant. It was delicious! Dustin's aunt and uncle and our good friends Mark and Kim came over to hangout. Mark and Dustin have been best friends since elementary school. They have the sweetest little 6 month old daughter named Paisley that we loved getting to play with.

Here a few pictures from the weekend!
 Morgan opening her first gift.
 Loving on her lovie that Uncle Dustin and Aunt Taylor got her
 Her mini little jacket. She immediately tried to eat the zippers off.
 Playing with Uncle Dustin
 Fixing the oven
 New iPad 2s!
 Morgan and Paisley becoming friends.
Paisley and Kim.


  1. If there is a good app for blogging on the iPad, I want to know about it. But I haven't found one, yet. So jealous you both got one! Tyler and I fight over our one all the time! Haha. : )

  2. I'm still using my laptop to blog right now. I check the ones I follow on the iPad though. I just bookmarked It to the home screen.