Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday Night Movies #2

Dustin and I enjoyed another Friday night of watching movies last weekend. I am totally loving this whole movie night thing with my guy. Dustin is very much of a go-go-go person. He is constantly bored and wants something crazy to entertain him at all times. If you know me, I am very opposite. I love my crazy nights out where I get to dance the night away. However, because I am around 1,000 middle schoolers every day and work crazy hours, most nights I just want to sleep. Anyways, here are the two movies we watched last weekend.

First on the list... The Help.

If you haven't read The Help  you are seriously missing out.It was probably one of the best books I have read in a long time. Emma Stone (who is my personal favorite) plays Skeeter who just graduated from college with a journalist degree. While most of the girls in her town go to college, they all come back with their MRS. instead of an actual education. This leaves Skeeter as the odd girl in her group of friends especially her two best friends Hilly and Elizabeth. Skeeter is trying to find a job with a big magazine or newspaper. She is also battling a judgmental, cancer-stricken mother and the fact that the maid who raised her from birth has mysteriously left without a goodbye. Skeeter's friend, Hilly, is the one around town trying to make sure that the help have separate bathrooms and is constantly on all her friends to do the same. This is part of why Skeeter decides to write from the help's point of view. She convinces Abileen, Elizabeth's maid, to tell her stories of what it is like to work for a white woman. Abileen is able to convince her angered, funny, takes no mess best friend Minny to help. I thought the movie was super cute. It, of course, wasn't as good as the book, but they never are. I loved it though! Very close to what the book was.

Second movie of the night.... The Change Up
This was Dustin's pick and I was totally against it. I thought it looked horribly stupid and seemed like yet another stupid Freaky Friday movie that we have all seen a thousand times. Once again, I was completely wrong. He has now proved me wrong for two weeks in a row. This was movie was pretty funny. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman have been friends for forever. Ryan's character, Mitch, lives the single life. He brings different girls home every week and has no plan or goals for his life. Jason's character, Dave, is married, has two kids, and is on his way to being partner. Both the guys go out for a night on the town where they start to talk about the perks of each other's lives. Soon they drunkenly find themselves peeing in a fountain and wishing for each others lives. They then wake up the next morning inside the other's mind. You can pretty much predict what happens next. It is the exact same as all the other Freaky Fridays that there are. I thought this was hilarious though. I could not stop laughing. Totally worth seeing on a Friday night home.

My surgery is tomorrow morning at 9:45. I'm super nervous and excited at the same time! I'll let you know how it goes. 

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