Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tales From a Mute Day 3

Today was a hard day with the whole not talking thing. I hung around this morning and tried to rest. I think I have figured out that I am just pretty bad at resting when I'm told to do so. Being lazy on Saturday and Sunday? No problem. Rest because I had surgery and need it? Impossible! I finally got up and did all the laundry and cleaned the apartment until I ran out of paper towels. Annie came by and we went up to the mall, Target, and Starbucks. I think this is when the no talking thing really got to me. Annie and I haven't seen each other in like years it seems like (really like a month) and I just really wanted to talk to her. Instead, I had to motion things out to her and write on a dry erase board. Although it was pretty funny to watch Annie guess what I was trying to say. **Warning! Never have Annie be your partner in a Charades. She stinks at it**

Tonight Dustin and I went over to my mom's cousins house. Some of our family members that we never get to see were in town. Dustin was driving and had no idea where he was going and I was trying to give directions. This can be very tricky if it's dark and he can't see where I'm pointing. Let's just say there was a lot of banging on the dash board to get his attention and a lot of furious writing on the dry erase board. I'm sure if it had been a comedy movie it would have been hilarious. We hung out awhile at the Family Get Together, but I started to not feel well. In our chaos of trying to get where we needed to go, I accidentally used my voice and swelled up really bad. It was a sad parting though because my cousin Allie that I never get to see was in town. Her and her husband Nat just got married a year and a half ago. Nat has been overseas since the morning after their wedding pretty much, so they are really doing all the newlywed stuff at the same time as us. I so badly wanted to just sit and catch up with her and exchange stories about everything. We were able to communicate a little via dry erase board, but I was still so frustrated. Luckily, they are stationed in Kansas right now so maybe we can get together soon.

Headed to Houston for the 3rd of 6 Christmas' tomorrow. I get to see the Sprague family and I can't wait!

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