Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Classroom

For the past 4 years, I have slowly put my classroom together. My first year I slapped a few posters on the wall and figured it was ok. I hated it. It was hideously ugly. My second year I actually put some thought into it, but I still felt like it wasn't screaming "me" or "reading." Last year I finally concentrated mainly on my room. I loved it! This year a few things have changed but not much. So here it is.... my classroom.
This is actually a picture from last year. This area now is our 5 Day Late Rule. Kids can see when assignments were late and what they haven't turned in.

 Once again a picture from last year, the back of this is green now.
 The agenda  and homework. I love this area. The color just pops so much.
 This has a few more popcorn signs now, but this is books that are written for teens that have movies too.
 Pillows I tie-dyed and Sprague made.
 This picture got messed up, but this is two of the three built in book cases in my room.
 Class folders for each period.
 Reading area.
 This is from last year. Notice the board says Roden. This is two of the bookshelves I have. The books are arranged by genre.
 Other side of the reading area. The red bin has blankets for reader's workshop in it.
 My area. It takes up a lot of room sometimes, but I have a place for everything. I tie dyed those curtains myself!
 My box with my new name! I moved up in the alphabet though and I can't ever find my box.
 Where I can let the kiddos know what I'm reading. This book was actually on Oprah's list, and is a very slow read.
 Two of my kiddos from this year made me this Longhorn sign once they found out I loved Tech. They asked me to put it on my wall. So I did. Upside down.
 My "Me" wall. The Cream Puffs poster is a project from two years ago that I can't get off the wall. Luckily, the student who made it was one I really enjoyed as well as her class. So it always makes me think of those kids.
 Many of the people who are most important to me. Notice the Steak'n'Shake tray.
 The wedding frame Sonya got me (no picture yet) and the Mrs. Potato head Sprague gave me to think about her in Idaho.I miss you two so much!
 My new sign! I keep forgetting though and won't answer right away all the time. A lot of them have started calling me Coach Kiss which seems to be catching on rather quickly.

I started trying to change all my books over to Hotchkiss. I got this far into my library before I realized it wasn't that fun. Whoever is my first detention will be changing my name over. 

I just realized I never got pictures of the whole room or from the entry. Maybe another time.  

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