Sunday, August 14, 2011

Epitome of Lazy

Dustin and I were the epitome of lazy this weekend. Especially, today. It wasn't even that we had nothing to do because we did. We were just little hermits and I absolutely loved it! Friday night we went to eat at Fuzzys. We really keep trying to make the one near us our "hangout," but it is too much in suburbia to be a place to hangout for happy hour. Then we went to see Horrible Bosses which was hilarious! We really enjoyed it. We went to Studio Movie Grill which is Dustin's favorite. Yesterday we enjoyed the cool weather in the morning by drinking coffee out on the balcony. I did poetry research and planned for school. We have been back for two days, but I've hardly had a chance in my room with all the meetings and training we had. Last night we were supposed to go meet with our friends the Shumakes and Dinsmores, but we were so tired and it was about a 45 minute drive. Instead, we cooked steaks and shrimp and made some mashed potatoes. Yum! Then we hung out with Kendall up at Centro and caught up. Today, ABSOLUTE LAZINESS! I mean it was bad. We sat and did NOTHING all day. A bit ago I did the dishes and folded laundry just to say I had done something today.

I know most of you all that read this (if there is anyone out there) follow me on Facebook and saw all the wedding pictures. I thought I would still post a few of our favorites on here. I went a little crazy with the few part, but it was hard to pick.I have to apologize because they are a little out of order.  
 My dress hanging at my parents house on the front door.
 The wizard behind the curtain. My mama who did absolutely everything for this wedding. She was wonderful.
 Mrs. Hotchkiss hanger my dress was hung on
Bridesmaids watching our first look 
 Having our first look. I was so thankful to have this time with Dustin. It calmed my nerves and just let us have a time by ourselves. After this we were with people until about 3am.
 Nine of the most beautiful, wonderful best friends.
Sweet Easton  (Sprague's son). I love this kiddo and miss him and his baby brudder tons.
 Caroline and John Joseph. They were wonderful and a huge hit at the reception
 Dustin's best friends. He very rarely sees his friends and to have all them in one city was a huge deal for him. I love Easton's glasses in this picture.
 Just me and my daddy
 I loved that Logan and Luke were our alter servers. I have known these boys since they were in diapers. Even changed some of them.
 Our wonderful parents that made the day so special.
 Attempting to get a bite to eat
 My other flower girl that has the most precious smile. How I love her.
 4/5 of our Wrecking Crew. Let me tell you how much this group loves Texas Tech. It is ridiculous.
 I absolutely love this picture.
 Straight Ballin' of course
 Felt so special to have my Theta sisters that mean the world to me there.
 A little Texas Tech Fight Song action
 Our friends Jerry and Carolyn started this dance tunnel. When I turned and saw Dustin coming out of it I just about lost it. He looked so cute.
 Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss
 Dustin's Cake. Texas Tech ice chest with real Miller Lite bottles
Walking out to the RAIDER! POWER!.

We had so much fun at the wedding, and can't thank our friends and family being there for us!

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