Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Week!

I have been having the most bizarre emotions today. I think my feelings have been on all ends of the spectrum. I left the apartment today thinking I'll probably only stop by once more and then the next time I go I'll be there for good. Married. EEK! It completely blows my mind that I will be married in 5 days! FIVE! I am so excited and overjoyed. Dustin and I have been looking so forward to this for so long. I'm just ready to finally call him my husband. I think what I am the most excited about is seeing him every day. Since we very first started dating we have pretty much only seen each other on the weekends. When he was in Dallas and I was with my parents it was strictly weekends, and normally not the entire weekend. When he lived in Fort Worth and I was in my apartment, it was weekends and maybe one day during the week. When Dustin moved to the Colony and I was back with my parents it was only weekends. This summer we have seen each other a lot. We have spent a lot of the week days together since I am not at school. I don't want to make it sound like we don't see each other so everyone is seeing red flags that we can't live together. We've been on trips, stayed together for 4 or 5 nights, and we just enjoy each other's company. I just can't believe it! 5 days! Today, I spent the day getting the apartment ready. Finishing unpacking everything, making a pile of the things that I want to hang on the walls, cleaning the dishes, etc. I don't want to come home to a mess when we get back from the honeymoon.

The other side of my feelings? The fact that I will be living with.... A BOY! Gees, I sound like one of my seventh graders don't I? Now, I know that I have two brothers. I have always lived with my brothers minus college and when I moved to my apartment. Even right now we are all home for the first summer in years. However, I haven't had to share a bathroom with them since I was 8 years old. At our house, their rooms and bathroom is at one end of the hallway and I am at the other. We have no reason to co-habitate in a room. So this whole living with a boy thing just sort of hit me out of nowhere. As Dustin and I have been slowly trying to merge all of our stuff together and figure out what was kept or thrown out, it hit me like a brick wall. I'm living with a boy. Luckily, when I notice the differences I know that my brothers are the same way so I decide to blame it... boy. For example, today I went to put things in Dustin's closet. When I went in there, turns out a lot had been thrown on the ground and there were bags of stuff that hadn't been unpacked. To him the closet was completely organized. To me, a war zone. I nearly had a fit. I line my clothes up by color and by season. Short sleeve to long sleeve. Each thing has a place, a hook, a shelf, a drawer. I decided to just blame it on him being a boy. I don't want to sound like Dustin is messy or unorganized because I think I kind of lucked out that he is fairly neat. But, he is a boy!

Anyway... I'll be married in 5 days!!!!!!

Thinking of a new title for the blog... I just sort of threw this "blog it out" one out there. I was trying to think of something to do with my new last name "Hotchkiss" My 7th graders have turned that name in to so many things (hot kiss, kissable, coach hottie, and my favorite... crotchkiss (seriously?!!)) I figure if they are so creative with the name, certainly I can be too. Ideas? I was throwing around Hotchkisses and Hugs. Opinions on it?

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