Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeling a Little Crazy

Two posts in one night? I know! I'm on fire! I just can't sleep. 5 days!

Mom, don't kill me if you're reading this. It's midnight. My mom has been trying to watch my sleeping all summer. I am a stresser. Self made stress 90% of the time. I am not a procrastinator; so I am normally pretty productive. However, the second the lights and TV are out and it's just me and the ol' thinker the lights in my head are blazing. I just have trouble shutting down my mind and I can't sleep. Then normally, something will wake me up, and I'm thinking again the second my eyes open and not going back to sleep. Me + Exhaustion = Sick. All my life, before something big happens I stress, don't sleep, and get sick. On the way to move me to Tech, I threw up the whole way there and had a fever that night in the hotel.

So, anyway, I am sitting here with my never ending thinking mind, picturing everything that I am just beyond excited about once basically tomorrow starts. Now I know most of you don't care, but I'm listing what I'm super excited about.... (I cannot promise this list will in any way be interesting)

  • Packing for the honeymoon tomorrow! I will probably completely over pack, but that's normal right!
  • Tuesday - getting my hair cut and doing one last practice run with it.
  • Wednesday - Morgan will be here! and my mom's cousins are throwing me a shower. I am really excited to see everyone.  Oh and getting our nails done!
  • Thursday - All my family will be in town and we are having a Sip and See at the house. Since, we won't get to catch up much at the wedding we figured we could have a little something at the house to catch up. I am so excited to see everyone. It will be mostly family, but a few friends. Rachel will be in town and the person I am most excited to see.... STEFANIE SPRAGUE! I mentioned her in a few posts before. My best friend at school and the fact that I haven't seen her since school ended is just killing me! I cannot wait to see her, but I'm sort of scared because when we say bye this time we won't know when I'll see her next.
  • Friday - we are doing a bridal luncheon at Neimans in the restaurant for all the women who have a part in the wedding. I cannot wait to give the girls a little something that we have been working on. Then, if we can get tickets, we are headed to see Harry Potter! (I know, how dare I get married on Harry Potter weekend)Then off the rehearsal. I can't wait to get to the dinner. Mrs. Hotchkiss is so crafty and creative that I know it is just going to look beautiful. I think we are planning on a little open mic night so I'm curious to see what everyone has to say.
  • Saturday - WEDDING DAY! Getting to marry my very best friend and start our lives together. and of course partying it up with all our friends after. I can't wait to get my dance on.
  • Sunday - waking up bright and early to go on the honeymoon!
Let's see things I'm excited about when we get married:
  • Living with Dustin
  • Having all my things in on place and not live out of a duffel bag
  • Getting to be with my puppy Ferguson again
  • home cooked meals
  • gym facility I don't have to pay for
  • friends that are super close
  • having my best friend to hangout with all the time
  • learning how to live with a boy
  • learning what Dustin likes to eat and what he doesn't of my cooking
  • being a wifey
And I'm sure there is many more, but the sleeping pill is kicking in. Goodnight!

This picture about explains what I'm like when I'm stressing and not sleeping.
How do my posts end up being so long? I got to work on that.

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