Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Appreciate Your Teachers!

     It is Teacher Appreciation Day, Week whatever you want to say. Personally, I think we should be appreciated every week, but that is just my opinion. Just kidding! Since starting this blog, I have become a 100% blog stalker! I have loved getting decorating and cooking ideas and catching up on peoples lives. One of the blogs I follow is The Crafting Chicks. It is a group of women who come together to pass around their crafting ideas. They had these Mini Oreo Apple Pops on their blog yesterday. I decided that I would appreciate the people that I teach with every day and make them the same thing. Mine of course don't look at professional, and I was going completely off memory when I was at the store today. This was more of a trial run, so I was pleased with the way they turned out for the first time.

Oreos - The Crafting Chicks used mini oreos. I got normal ones (oops!). If you go this way I would do the double stuff and stick a popsicle stick in them The toothpick wasn't strong enough to hold the entire oreo up.
Pretzel Sticks - I just took normal pretzels and broke them because I completely forgot to buy them.
Green Air Heads - It took me four places to find a place that sold them by the flavor. Everything else was a variety pack.  I finally went to a gas station.
Red Candy - I went to JoAnns in the candy area and they have tons of flavors that you can melt.

This was after breaking the pretzels and cutting the Air Heads. I used a steak knife to cut the candy and it was really hard. I'd recommend heating them up or using scissors like The Crafting Chicks said to do.

The melted candy. The stuff I got was super easy! I just put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it was ready to go.

So mine don't look near as good as theirs did, but hey I feel like it was a good first try! I learned to not put the pretzels and Air Heads in the oreo because it will break them and use the candy more like glue. Also, having something to dip them into the melted candy would be easier. When the toothpicks didn't work, we tried popsicle sticks, but since they weren't double filled it was hard to not break the cookie. We eventually just glopped it on with a spoon. Oh, the we include my brother Josh. He was a great helper once he realized we could eat as we made them!

If you're one of my teacher friends come find me tomorrow! I made 30 and I'm bringing them to say how much I appreciate you!

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