Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Great Outdoors

       Over Easter we restarted an old family tradition. When I was younger, mainly before high school, my family would go camping with the Bittners and Cobbs every Halloween and Easter. Both of these families we know from our days at the private school the boys and I went to when we were younger. Mackenzie is part of the Cobb family and we have known each other since we were 18 months old.  Our moms met at daycare. It was good to see her, because the last time I saw her was because I ran into her at the OU Theta house when I stopped to see the restroom. See Thetas help their sisters everywhere. Unfortunately, she didn't get to stay for long though! Lauren is from the Bittner family. Growing up Lauren and I always stayed super close. After we moved to Coppell, we would still spend many weekends together, and starting in seventh grade we went to summer camps together all the way through high school. Lauren was always a person I could turn to and a friendship I always have cherished. When we got to college, her going to OU, we sort of lost touch a little bit. We kept up through facebook and occasional catching up conversations, but never got that quality time like we used to. I think about three years ago we went to lunch. My mom and I gave Lauren a bridal shower last year, and we attended her wedding this past June. Spending time with her this weekend was the best part. It is so nice to have a friend that you can go years without spending a lot of time together, yet you can pick up right where you left off. It was like Lauren and I hadn't skipped a beat. I loved getting time to hangout with her, and getting to know her husband Blake.

      We got to Lake Murray on Friday night, and made sandwiches and played catch phrase. Because of all the fires, we couldn't have a camp fire. So we resulted to making s'mores on the grill. It just wasn't the same! The storms completely threatened us all night, but we never got more than some mist. Saturday we hung out and took the dogs down to the lake. Ferguson got experience his first swimming experience, and HATED it! Since the rain seemed to be put off, we took a boat tour around the lake. What happens when we get on the water? COMPLETE DOWN POUR! I'm talking cats and dogs. Huge ones. We found it hilarious though, and it was just added to our pile of memories that our families have had together. We spent the rest of the night completely exhausted and trying to cram all 16 of us into a 4 person cabin for some quality time! Overall it was a great weekend. Ferguson got to play with Lauren's dogs and was completely worn out by the time he got home. I didn't get too many pictures, but at least got a few!

Ferg having a blast! We eventually put him on his leash because he was having a little too much fun in the streets!

Jared trying to catch fish with his bare hands! How manly of him.

The down pour on the boat.

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