Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

I've decided to run a half marathon! A few coaches from school and I decided to run the Wounded Warrior Project Half on June 12th. I'm super excited! My training is coming slow... very slow, but as long as I finish that is all I care about. I'm asking that you guys keep my old lady legs in your thoughts. Ever since I was little I was unfortunately cursed with the "Roden legs." Basically, my knees, ankles, big toe, and hips hurt and ache ALL the time! I've finally reached 4 miles (Yes, I'm aware that I have 9.1 left to go), but I can do it! Just remind me every once in awhile that I can? A half is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do. I figured what better way to get ready for the wedding. Dustin got me a Garmin GPS running watch that I am absolutely obsessed with. It tells me where I am, my distance, my pace, and my time.

Running is always something that I have loved. I ran in high school (still have a record for the 3200m relay thank you!) and it was something that I was completely dedicated to. When I got to college, I let the partying and the busy-ness get the best of me. Then the lbs started packing on and I've had a hard time getting back into it. I've always tried to start running for other people or to look good for something. I feel like this time it is about how it makes me feel. I enjoy running now. I have to admit I'm still competitive. I still like to "catch" people as I'm running even though they don't seem to know we are racing. This is the first time I'm just in it for how it makes me feel. I want to run and complete the entire half, but part of me thinks if I feel good with however I finish then that's ok. If I lose weight from this, awesome, but if I don't I'll be ok as long as I feel good. I've been a person that has dealt with depression and ever mounting exhaustion and self made stress all my life. I either get too depressed or too stressed to the point I don't sleep and just stay up and think about everything. Running has taken a lot of that away from me. I'm sleeping better, and I just feel happier and less stressful when I'm done.

I'll keep you updated on how the half goes and all the encouragement I could get would be much appreciated. These old lady legs can only do so much!

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