Saturday, November 5, 2011

O Who?

Good Morning!! Dustin and I are enjoying out 2nd weekend in a row of not being busy/going out of town. Last Friday when we both came home from work I realized it was my first free Friday since school started. We hardly knew what to do with ourselves. Last night we continued our relaxation. We did dinner at Texas Roadhouse and went and saw Moneyball. I was extremely reluctant to see it, but knew Dustin was dying to because he had actually read the book. I absolutely loved it! I always forget how much I love sports movies.

A few weekends ago we went up to Norman for the Tech/OU games. My brother-in-law, Brent, went to OU and my baby brother,Jared, goes there too. So it was a family rivalry game on both sides! I had so much fun getting to see Jared and meet his friends. Friday night we went out to 747 and then met at Brothers where Brent used to work. Jared left to hangout with his dear old lady sister.

Saturday was so fun! I almost felt like a college kid again. We started the morning off at 747 having some drinks and eating lunch. Then I went to find Jared at his tailgate. There is a pizza place right next to his frat house that is their hangout. It seemed like nearly the whole fraternity was in there. Everyone was watching games, playing games, and just having fun. I got to meet a lot of Jared's friends who were super nice. He took me on a tour of the Lambda house too. It was sort of weird because I had been there a few times in college when I used to come visit Lauren and Torri. Then we headed to what Jared called a tailgate. It really was a HUGE party going on in this kid's backyard. I ran into some younger Coppell people, Annie's cousin, and even some of Lauren and Torri's friends that I had met before.

The game was UNREAL! Unranked Tech playing #3 OU? We assumed we were going to get killed. We weren't even going to buy tickets until Dustin found them for about $30. There was a rain delay for about an hour. I threw a truly child like tantrum that I have to say I was horribly embarrassed for. The storm completely freaked me out because we were stuck in the stadium. I was. ready. to. go. I was cold, wet, knew we were going to get killed, and had probably had a little too much fun with Jared. Tech started incredible though! We were in the lead quickly and just kept going. I have to say it was probably the weirdest and most calm game I have ever been to. The Tech fans knew better than to get too excited because we probably couldn't hold the lead for long. OU fans didn't know what to do. They all figured they would make a come back. OU hadn't lost at home in 40 something games, but I think they didn't want to be too confident. Both sides cheered when they scored, but the whole environment was just calm. In the end Tech came through, and we WON! I still can't believe it. We left the stadium to lots of boos, name calling, bad words, and a few people purposely running into us. We didn't care since we had won!

Unfortunately, Tech got creamed the next weekend at home playing Iowa State; so our pride was short lived. We are ready for this weekend's UT game though! In fact, in start in 5 minutes. See ya!

Here are a few pics from our OU weekend.

Dustin and Jared showing their school pride. Our first night in Norman.
Jared and I in the Lambda house.
This is Jared's friend/roommate Matt. They have known each other since early elementary, and now I teach his niece!
Jared and I at the tailgate party
Tech/OU game
Beautiful site isn't it?
Did I mention one of my best friend's Morgan moved to our apartment complex from New Mexico? Soooo excited!

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  1. Hey Taylor! Tough loss (and season!) at least we have the OU victory! Guess we can talk about that game while everyone else is busy bowling. Ugh. I finally decided to start a blog too (about my uneventful life, ha!)